• I’m having a game were China should colect 7 IPCs and have a semi-decent size of troops ready for fight if they used sane rules, but instead of that my reinforces of this turn are going to be toasted and next round China will probably not receive any inf. You can guess that I’m pretty tired of fighting against the rules instead of fighting against Japan, so it’s time to another episode in my crusade against the wacky chinese rules. This is for 1942 scenario only, 1941 is beyond any hope of fixing

    • Delete totally page 10 of AA50 rulebook
    • Use instead chinese rules from AAP40. All of them: Burma Road, deploy, artillery, independent turn, etc etc
    • Move the starting, lone and last chinese fig to Chinghai before start of game
    • If China has zero fighters, allow convert 1 and only USA fighter landed in China to a chinese fighter. Make it in deploy units phase
    • Chinamen are at civil war, but they are not stupid, so chinamen are allowed to attack axis controled territory out of China, regardless if it is Burma/Hong Kong or not
    • The chinese fighter, being in real life a USA unit, is not affected by chinese civil war, and has not any restrictions of movement. If China is fully occupied but the chinese fighter is still alive, it reverts to USA’s control. Make so in USA’s deploy phase
    • China moves after Italy and before USA
    • To make 1942 scenario balanced and prevent J1 India crush, add 2 UK inf to India and UK inf to Persia, in addition of those rules

    Simple, easy and clean. No real need of doing any new AABattlemap mod or use stickers for your FTF games

  • just add 2 infantry in yunan

  • That suggestion is from Larry Harris, btw.  It really changes things for China

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