• It seems that there are never any real tactical options for japan. Sure they start off with the most powerful navy in the game, but every time I play as the US I completly ignore the pacific and focuse on the atlantic. Now if that navy wants to make a diffrence there going all the way around S America then Japan does the same thing, begin landing tons of units in asia and pincers russia, but there isnt any real tactical decison making here becuase most of russias forces are tied up in europe.

    Japan plays a very important role in the game, but it seems that its a role that a complete idiot could pull off. Unless of course the allies are going KJF but this rarley happans due to how fast russia will fall when there is nothing to draw germanies forces away from the eastern front

  • Easy fix: invade America if USA doesn’t fight the Pacific Ocean. It will tie USA’s units to America instead of being of more use in Africa, Europe or Dutch East Indies. Also, you will not die of boring

    Or if not, you could do the old navy rush to Mediterranean Sea. Other option, now, that bombers are cheaper, is buy one each round and bomb Russia and England to Stone Age … bombers are quicker than trannies, you know

  • My opponent tried that once, I saw the fleet coming in and bought 12 infantry, he did invade mexico and took the canal, but his fleet met its end in the heavily reiforced atlantic.

    an invasion of the US is impossible IMO and if it does succeed it is probably not worth the cost. It would be like germany trying to invade america

  • No, the fleet should aim Alaska. Since z62 is a normal spot for Japan’s fleet anyway, USA cannot really see it until is too late

  • It all depends on the player playing Japan.  One game, the JP player invaded Alaska, but didn’t have enough units to back it up.  Than again it was my 12 year old brother in law who was just fixated on Alaska to the point that he just wanted to take it once.  He didn’t care that he lost it the same round.  So no, the Japanese player can still screw things up if he’s a 12 year old who won’t listen to his Allies.

  • @Funcioneta:

    No, the fleet should aim Alaska. Since z62 is a normal spot for Japan’s fleet anyway, USA cannot really see it until is too late

    My brother-in-law once decided to do this and was able to bring enough troops to hold and build an IC, so then he was putting down several units in Alaska each turn and really gave the US a run for their (my) money…  Eventually he made it across Canada and attack EUS with a sizeable army that had a decent shot at taking it.  However, he got relatively bad rolls and ended up losing that battle, putting the Axis really far behind so that the Allies won.  It easily could have gone differently though; especially if Germany had been doing better in Europe.

  • I think that the overall strategy is the same for each game, it being to put pressure on Russia.  However, there are multiple avenues in which to do this.  Japan must decide how to get to Moscow.  It can go by land or sea. 
    Land Options:
    North Asia thru Siberia
    Middle Asia thru China
    South Asia thru India

    Sea Options:
    Pipeline from Japan to main land
    Amphibious assault India
    Take Suez Canal and up to Caucus

    There are also the decisions about I.C. and air support.
    Build I.Cs on mainland options
    India (after captured from U.K.)

    Air support options.
    Bombers to strategic bomb Russia
    Bombers to strategic bomb U.K.
    Fighters to defend Germany
    Fighters and Bombers to fly to Europe and then disrupt U.K. and U.S. convoys

    Then there is also the decision about not going after Russia.  Other options (not the best) could be:
    Go after West U.S. early and tie up materials
    Go After Alaska
    Go After Africa

    So, I think that Japan has the same overall objective each time, but the execution can be very different.

  • if the US thinks that the Pacific ocean is haunted get up to the Far east transport to Alaska and scare them build a factory there fight for West Canada and tell Germany to get an Industry in Brazil and then from West Indies they can land everyone up in there and do the rest so just do that

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