What is the typical bid, and what are some good basic strategies?

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    What is the typical bid, and which nation(s) does it go to?

    and what are some good basic strategies?


  • Veqryn,
    Well, its simple.  There really are two strategies…  the GERMAN HAMMER and anything else.

    The GERMAN HAMMER has two versions, attack Belorussia on turn 4 or turn 5 with everything that can reach.

    The first 1 or 2 rounds you buy all infantry (with an odd artillery) and the next two rounds you buy all armor.

    The first turn you destroy as many russian pieces as possible.  retreat all units to the east.  abandon france.  From the second turn onwards, consolidate all units in East Poland for a massive strike on Belorussia on turn 4 or 5- with a followup on Moscow on turn 5 or 6.  In the end, only two territories matter, Berlin and Moscow.  After two rounds of armor buys, buy all infantry to defend berlin.

    The uk/usa must send aid to russia for that showdown in belorussia on turn 4 or 5.  Probably will be lots of air.  There isn’t much else they can do to slow germany down.  Russia has to be aggressive and has to try to get as many units in belorussia.

    In the end, barring bad dice, germany wins most of the time with the GERMAN HAMMER strat.

  • Usually the only way to stop this strategy is by sending planes via UK to Leningrad so Russia can transform them into Russian units. Also if Germany makes a mistake and leaves no fighters in Berlin you have to make him pay with SBRs. Also if you can do this, use the 12 IPC bonus in the Middle East so Germany has to waste more time trying to control that.

    But I have found that you can make the battle a lot more interesting by also building artillery with Russia in large amounts to create a dead zone, if Germany is foolish and sends it’s infantry forward too soon the Artillery bonus plus the converted fighters will make them think twice about pushing too fast, allowing the US more time to mount an invasion on fortress Europe.

    But that does not mean this strategy is fool proof, you usually have to hope for a German mistake for you to get the upper hand, but playing this way definitely makes Germany have to play nearly flawless in order to succeed before the US becomes a threat.

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