• The guy where i always play A&A against wants to buy a few rangers from reservers. My question is, is this really a spotter with the same abilities as the other spotters? Because the ranger is much stronger in defense ans offense and has close assault and a special ability.

    Hope to have an answer asap.

  • Yes, they rock.  They are also expensive at 7 pts per.

    Note that they count as a spotter for other unit that require spotting.  The range themselves have no other implied abilities from that attribute.

  • Yeah but my german spotter is also 7 point and he is very weak. Does the ranger also have the chatting on the radio and the cover ability? And if he counts as a spotter can he also move and or attack?

  • No he doesn’t have the Chatting on the Radio disability and he doesn’t have any extra cover abilities.  He can just be used as a spotter for units with abilities like Indirect fire.


  • And he has a spot range of 8 hexes?

  • The “spotting range” requirement is usually listed on the attacking unit.  You go by whatever it says, barring any other ruling or effect.

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