Amphibious Assault / Transport

  • If I play with the UK and have a transport ship in the English Channel, can i move (or attack) with as many units i wish, cause the transport ship works like a bridge? Or is the turn over for the Transport Ship after i moved or attacked with 2 land units (or 1 armor)?

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    Welcome, KBomb!

    A transport can’t carry more than its capacity on a single turn, so it can’t load and unload multiple times, even if it doesn’t move.

  • Hi Krieghund

    Thanks a lot for the answer. I just have another general question. Pieces which can move two spaces (on land (armor) or sea (battleship,destroyer, sub, transport), can move into a battle and if they win move further in the non-combat movement sequence?

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    No.  Land and sea units may not move after being involved in combat (except to retreat, of course).  Only air units may do that.

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