• I am always Germany and I would like help with sea lion. I know the british are strong but the guy who plays the british is more worried about India then London. :?

  • I would just focuse on africa and russia man

  • '16 '15 '10

    In Revised if I wanted to try a Sea Lion I’d just buy 5 transports and hope my opponent messed up…but I guess in AA42 you’d have to go with an AC 3 transports, and land your aircraft in Norway and/or Western.  Not recommended against an oppo that knows what they’re doing.

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    You can also buy:
    1 Carrier + 2 fighters + 2 infantry
    1 Carrier + 2 bomber

    then…. make sure all your aircraft land within range of hitting UK turn 2.
    and make sure that 2 of your fighters are in Germany, and another 2 are on the carrier
    because the 2 in germany can hit UK (they hit uk and land on carrier, while the ones on the carrier land in france), BUT they make it look like you are not going sea lion

    Then pray that the USA does not land troops in uk, that the UK does not build more troops, or that he moves his fighters to a newly built air carrier or loses 1 attacking your destroyer, or something like that.

    you have an 85% chance to win with 1 inf, 1 tank, 7 fighters, 1 bomber.  assuming nothing in uk changes, which won’t hold true for sure.  hope uk fucks up.

    the good part of this strat is that if UK does see it coming (or doesn’t see it coming but does something that screws it anyway), then you can just turn this into the baltic carrier strategy.  if you can’t figure out what to do with the carrier, then at least you can use the extra planes.

  • In addition to what Verqryn said, move the battleship and med transport to sz12 instead of sz15 to attack Egypt if you really want to threaten a Sea Lion.  But like others have said, taking Great Britain is an all or nothing thing for Germany where if they lose, they generally can’t recover, so the game is over within a couple turns.  Better shot for winning with Axis is focusing on Africa and Russia while building planes to threaten UK ships.

  • '16 '15 '10

    Good call Veqyrn.  Alot of players would respond to that buy with the usual ac 2 dd, and that would be game.

  • @Zhukov44:

    Good call Veqyrn.  Alot of players would respond to that buy with the usual ac 2 dd, and that would be game.

    I know that’s worked on me before… :oops:

  • Honestly? Germany has the power to put up a front to stave off the Russian invasion so it can immediately invade Britain if they so desire. The Luftwaffe completely surpasses even the British Airforce for the first few turns. If they really wanted to, Britain could be captured first. Then, they would either bulldoze Russia, or fight off America. It all just depends on how quickly you move as Germany though. The wrong purchase down to a single unit can be a real downer sometimes. Basically, use only barely necessary force to recover your territories from Russian invasion. It isn’t about your attacking force, it’s about the backup that’s gonna run into his face right after. Buy enough transports to match the number of British units in the territory, and then capture it! Just make sure you build up a good enough navy so his battleship and airforce won’t dent you. Apparently you can capture the UK faster than you can capture Russia 😮

    At least I have a better time doing that. Good luck to you, young General.

  • I’ve just started playing this version and while I understand the concept of the Sea Lion offensive, can someone lay it out for me in A&A terms? I’ve only played as Germany once (Usually I’m Russia) and I’ve never seen this tactic initiated.

  • thanks for your help.

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