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    Your point is well taken, but the issue for me at the end of the day…

    This can not be shown in class rooms or to my children due to the graphic nature of the sex scenes involved.  It is a loss to “popular History” and will not reach a larger audience telling this crucial story in US history because of this unnecessary flaw.

    That is a shame.

  • Seen a few on the web as no one I know has HBO.  They are pretty good but I like Band of Brothers better.

    The intro is nice, but they should have kept the long one for the 1st episode and shortened it for the rest.

    The sex doesn’t bother me…I think it’s a good indication of what did (and does happen).  In fact, I think it’s silly how in the US you can’t show a boob but you can curse and kill up a storm.  Seems bass ackwards.

    I’ll try and catch the rest of the series as soon as I can.

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    Watch them in sequence. Its real important to understand the story.

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