• @StrongBad1988:

    all of mine (great grandpareents) were immigrants too except for the one descedened from the guy that came over on the ship with the mayflower

    Dude: those Pilgrim folks on the Mayflower and the other ships were all immigrants! Just earlier immigrants. What do you prefer to call them, colonists? Maybe that leads to interesting distinctions – explorers, colonists, settlers, immigrants. To the native nose, maybe they all had a similar scent… although some, like the fur trappers, had a way of blending in better.

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    i bet the germans and the irish ancestors of yours fought on the north side and the english /scandanavian sides of yours fought for the south, or am i wrong? i just generally know that germans usually sided with the north, as well as irish ( i’m pretty sure both of them didn’t like slavery)

    I am trying to decide if this was insiteful or a good guess.

    My Dutch/Irish/German relatives are in Michigan and were there at the time of the Civil War and served with the Michigan units, Cavalry and Infantry.

    My Scandanavian/Cherokee relations are in Louisiana and were there at the time. I don’t have any records for them yet but I have been told they served as well.

    The problem is that alot of my family came to America early and I assume left ties to europe behind before the Civil War.

  • Well, I don’t know the percentages, but here goes.

    Spanish (which is Latina)
    Canadian (I nearly hesitate to admit it)
    African (don’t know which tribe since unimportant things like tribal identity got lost in the muddle of slavery)
    Native-American (I say that only to be politically correct; I’m from a tribe in southern Arizona; they called themselve the Papago but they changed their name and I don’t remember what it is)

    Whatever the percentages are, when they’re added together they equal:

    100% AMERICAN

  • Well said. 😉

  • clap clap for dIfrenT clap clap

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    Native-American (I say that only to be politically correct; I’m from a tribe in southern Arizona; they called themselve the Papago but they changed their name and I don’t remember what it is)

    Actualy most Tribes didn’t name themselves. They useualy refered to themselves as “The People” or “People” in their language. The Papago were named that because it means “Bean Eaters” in an other language. They now call themselves the Tohono O’Odham which means “Desert People”. Don’t bother trying to pronounce it like most tribal words it sounds nothing like it looks. 😉 I belive they say it Toe-no O-dam.

    I live here in Arizona and I studied anthropology for a while, mostly because I think it is interesting.

  • I don’t think Canadian is an ethnicity.

  • 70% Irish
    10% Scottish
    10% English
    5% French
    5% Eastern European

  • Thanks, dezrtfish, that’s cool! I think it interesting though: I love beans, and I like the desert. I love coincidences like that.

    I don’t think Canadian is an ethnicity.

    I guess not, cuz with the way people make fun of Canadians there would probably be like a 30% rise in hate crimes (verbal) if it was considered an ethnicity. Ha ha. 😄

  • @yourbuttocks:

    I don’t think Canadian is an ethnicity.

    typical Americentrism

  • I am…

    1/2 swiss
    3/8 english
    1/16 chinese
    1/16 iraqi

  • typical Americentrism

    Not all of us share the point of view. 😉

  • On my mothers side I am 14th generation French-Canadian. On my Fathers side I am 3rd generation Scots Canadian.

    Oh and my wife who has no French blood whatsoever is the only Fluent french speaker in my family. 😄

  • I am:
    Native American (Cherokee I believe)

    I dont know any of the percentages, suffice it to say I am mostly Italian and Irish, and the Native American in me is not very much.

  • 70% German
    15% Irish
    5% Native American

  • I know its summer, and I havent done math in awhile, but……doesnt that only add up to 90%?

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    Hungarian Jew=10%

    100% American and not of the Kingdom of this world 🙂

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