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  • but the question is: is cutthroat A&A as much fun as diplomacy, the king of cutthroat games?

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  • Never played it … Don’t think I wanna … Best for 5 noobies or 5 pros … jest fer something completely different!

    Anybody got an example of a game they played this way they can share …

    BRIEFLY!? :roll: :lol:

  • Ah, Diplomacy.

    Haven’t played that in ages. GREAT game.

  • checkout the varient risk aa game going on in the games forum

  • I posted this to the A+A forum already, but we play 5-man “Free for all” AA all the time, both standard setup and “everyobdy gets the same stuff”, all placed on or adjacent to their capital. These have probably been my most fun games, as there’s just no telling what will happen. We allow open trading and alliances; anything can be exchanged for the right price: units, territories, IPC’s, whatever. This makes AA much more dynamic and fun in my opinion (at least after you’ve played the regular way 1000 times!).


  • i once played A&A this way, and it was rather fun. alltho i was on the winning side.

    we played where once a capital was gone, that team was done, period, no returning at all.

    GB, germany and US allied. me as great britain. we basicly poned up on russia, then focused on japan.

    but the great twist was that i broke the alliancat the end.

    we also played w/ liquidation rules, where u can kill your troops and receive money for them (i know its un realistic, but its fun sometimes). japan liquidated everything that wasnt on japan, and placed inf on japan; they ended up w/ like 60 inf on japan!!!

    in response, US liquidated all non pacific forces, as did germany. and i was expected to as well

    i had a loaded transport in the gulf of mexico on its way to the pacific and of course one in briton still. i simply made an alliance w/ japan, and sent troops to EUS and germany, ending the game.

    it was quite anticlimactic, but rather humorous for me and japan.

  • Cut throat is one of the best house rules i think, it always adds to some interesting games, US and germany dont well work together,

    I find this better than Diplomacy, diplomacy was always like work.

    one game was like this
    1st couple of turns: Everyone took out Russia
    then: US&Japan against GB, Germany had a ‘‘non-aggresion pact’’ with everyone and had a HUGE army built up

    eventually the US invaded japan but he had a huge stack of inf, so i hardly put a dent in him (he had a couple of red chips I did’nt see in the stack) but i manged to destroy 6 long range bomb. he stationed in mexico

  • I played once as Germany (and this was with Russia and GB under the same person), and quickly ran over Russia, and then the rest of Asia (although Industrial Tech did help a bit). It really isn’t fair to the Allied players, except maybe America, because they rely on each other far more than Germany and Japan: unless you play same set-up, it’s just going to be a mess.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I have a friend who hasn’t played for years, but when he did; this the only way he played. With the way you guys talk about it I may try it sometime :D :D :D .

  • i highly recomend it

    i’ll never forget my friends faces when i landed in there capitols

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