• ok, this is my crazy strategy, it would need a bid of 15 or more though, and west canada has to border the eastern canada seazone
    you build an industry in western europe with the bid, and if it’s 18, you put an infantry on libya
    G1: you buy a sub, maybe a few infantry(you shouldn’t need them since nothing can hit germany ) you kill all the british fleets, you move your med fleet west attacking the battleship. You take gibraltar, so the uk can’t counter your fleet, in africa, move your forces west, and you use your tanks for defence, maybe even leave eastern europe(have tanks ready to smack it next turn), depending on russia. Land all air in western with 2 infantry. Now, your fleet is in range of hitting britain, but you almost certainly can’t take it. Place the sub in the med with your battleship (industry in western)
    japan does pearl harbor, with 2 fighters on their carrier.
    G2: buy a carrier, and 2 transports and infantry. Attack the sea zone west of spain, if US sent it’s transport there(to block you from hitting uk fleet in north sea), if you can hit a uk fleet in the north sea, DO IT! Now, you might worry about uk hitting it with fighters, but you have 2 subs, 3 transports, a bb and a carrier.
    J2: land fighters on carrier. Now you have a fortress!! keep buying subs and infantry. you threaten to take eusa and britain and canada at the same time. This might not work so well but would be fun to try. Also you could build the fleet off of gibraltar round 2, and take egypt round 1. Japan lands in egypt with a fighter, turn 2 you build the carrier, and it can land on it from egypt. the key is, you have to save money round 1 with germany, it doesn’t really hurt you, you can buy 4 infantry, and save the rest. That way, if it looks bad, you can just build up your army or whatever. The complex in western is great as you can stick subs in the north sea to block fleet movement, this can help alot, even if you don’t use the fleet idea. By saving money, you have 3x the options turn 2.

  • Hmm interesting twist. It might be fun to try, but as the Klingons say it might be “a good day to die”

  • The thing is what if the Allies start attacking that fortress? The Russians or American certainly would eventually be able to send a task force at it… You defend obviously, but they just keep attacking and attacking until one of you is completely wiped out. You’d have to spend a fortune on strengthening that fleet rather than on invasion forces… That’s my thoughts… Other than that, sounds good!

  • but where’e russia during all of this? if they saw germnay building all this navy stuff, they’d build tanks and attack as quick as possible. they might take germnay on turn 3 if you’re not careful

  • MajorC, when you say “other than that sounds good”, do you mean besides the fact you are going to lose it’s ok? I’m with SB. Russia could wreak havoc. Also you limit the German’s ability to gain income in Africa. I have never played with bids, but it seems wiser to beef up Africa and/or WE. Has anyone tried putting bids in Finland? Easier to take Karelia on t1.

  • I only analyzed the part with the Navy fortress. I didn’t quite go into the financial and opposing forces part of it. I did, but not really thoroughly. Perhaps if one could tweak this fortress strategy, it might be profitable, but until it is altered it remains a dilemma.

    I have never used that many big words in one paragraph. Two brain cells for the Major!

  • @gatorade:

    …when you say “other than that sounds good”, do you mean besides the fact you are going to lose it’s ok?

    This is what a high ranking officer said to Hitler before he comitted suicide, I speculate. :D

    Instead of spending full funding on the fortress, spend only about a quarter of it so you can use the rest for fighting the Allies - like on the Eastern Front, keeping Russia at bay.

  • i’m still not sure if it would work though… :-?

  • i know germany doesn’t have an industry there, but the game would be more realistic if they did. It stops germany from trading western europe, and it let’s them actually use subs to their advantage. anyway, maybe you could agree with your opponent that you can get an industry there for only 5-10 ipc’s of your bid or something, you can compromize, since for 15 ipc’s it’s not really worth it. Anyway, this would hurt germany later on anyway. otherwise, would be fun to play anyway, just only do it on a newbie, because otherwise, i would just stack uk and tech since i don’t need to defend russia anyway. usa could stack and tech too, or get a navy, in the gulf of mexico. in 2-4 turns they will most likely get heavys any other techs will help too, if it takes them more than that, they would lose i guess, but i would tech with both us and uk. once either has heavies, the fleet is history. russia can focus on japan, and leave germany for the most part. i doubt russia could take germany, if they move into eastern the fleet can hit karelia. with no tech though, the allies would be hurt.
    any ideas, tell
    if my reasoning is wrong, tell why because i haven’t played it out yet.

  • :lol:

  • @gatorade:

    Has anyone tried putting bids in Finland? Easier to take Karelia on t1.

    if your going to do that why not just put bid on ukr. if i got a large bid, i want to try that, bacause if they stack karelia u attack caucusus with8 or 9 inf (2 from SEu) like 7 arm… and… well thats it. but i still think it would be sweet to have a mass army next to russia after G1. it would be pretty hard to kill too, if russia had 19 inf, 3 arm, 2 ftr… well maybe not… i still want to try it.l

  • that would not be a smart move to have all of your tanks vulnerable to attack by the russians so early, the russians would just lose infantry but you would lose 7 or 8 tanks PLUS your important cannon fodder/infantry

  • Russia is definately a problem. Japan must play extremely aggressive, going around South America third turn.

  • i’ll play, although i have no idea if the strategy will work or not. I haven’t done any pbem games yet, i’ve just played with my friends, and on the zone. I really should know, but what site tells you the rules and stuff? I know the basic idea of it, anyway, i need west canada bordering labrador, so i guess 2nd edition. i guess for the bid, 2 inf libya, and an industry on western
    now i expect to be crushed, as there has to be some huge flaw with this strategy somewhere, if there is, i guess i’ll find out.
    maybe we can post each round on this board so people can see what happens.

  • wild and inxduk - why don’t you meet in the “games” section for a round. I’d be interested in watching too. Good luck!

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