Good Logistics?

  • Hi! We played a game using two National Advantages each recently. As the US, I chose Good Logistics and Amphibious Assault. I played Good logistics during purchase turn 1, buying 8 artillery and enough supplies and transports to deploy them, along with one supply+ trans to build an airfield in Malaita. Before that, Japan bought supplies and trannies to build two airfields (first round JAP built one field on New Georgia).
    Turn 2: US first player - move everything to SZ south of New Georgia (just kept enough to prevent complete fall of Guadalcanal) - played Amphibious assault during land combat. The results were complete control of New Georgia, with twelve ART left along with one captured airfield. Next turn, JAP has to move back for fear of my twelve ART and the rest of my fleet. I could have invaded another island if JAP had not focused on fortifying his islands with INF. We played first to 20 points, but the rest of the game was easy. One airfield more than JAP and a constant threat from my cannons.
      Of course in round two I lost control of Santa Isabel (north of Guadalcanal) but the advantage of having my ART at New Georgia, an extra airfield and almost unhindered access to the JAP slot made the game very one sided.

    Any thought as to counter strategy?
    One idea would of course be to not build supplies on purchase turn 1, and instead reinforce New Georgia. But then US can either build airfields to get ahead in the race, or try to land (playing amphibious assault to severely weaken the JAP forces) and go ahead as usual. Weäre playing soon again, and I have to come up with a viable counter strategy to this US play.
    It would be great to hear your thoughts!

  • Is nobody playing Guadalcanal anymore or is my question stupid? I feel if the US goes all out with good logistics and amphibious assault, they can land enough artillery on New Georgia to gain the upper hand permanently. Especially since in turn three Japan is first player, they’ll have to be careful not to leave any more islands exposed. Since this game only last about four turns, those 12-15 ART on New Georgia will make it very difficult for to regain enough airfields to win.
      Am I missing something, does nobody care or is the game unwinnable for Japan with two NA’s?

  • TripleA

    i think the game is very fun, but have not played it enough to use the extra rules.

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    I also have not had opportunity to use optional rules. Frankly it has been so long since I’ve been able or made time to play any A&A game I feel a little silly answering anybody’s questions.

    Looking at these tokens it seems likely that the reason I’ve never played with them is they appear to favor the US especially Good logistics. Who doesn’t like free units?

  • It would appear as the Nas does favour the US, yeah. Japan has one good, banzai attack (score on three or less against an land units in one island zone), but otherwise their NA:s are equal or in favour of the US. Japan has one that is very good on paper, but not in reality: All 2s in a sea battle counts as ones. Problem with that is that any destroyer or cruiser being damaged is unlikely to make it in time for the next battle anyway. Only real use is for sinking battleships, and that’s hardly enough.

  • The counter strategy is don’t play with good logistics. If the US players plays it turn 1 and turns out 22 suplies, you are dead. End of story.

  • Yeah, that’s right!!!

  • I wouldn’t use the extra rules. Too gamey and contrived

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