New Guinea

  • I a have tried to search the forum, but couldn’t find any info on this.  If it is already on here, then blame the search engine, not me (kidding, this is actually a really great forum)

    Can I get an official answer on whether or not an airfield placed on either of the new guinea territories can scramble fighters or not? 
    I know the rulebook states that an Island is one territory, surrounded by 1 sea zone, but Japan has special rules, and I don’t have to explain to you all how poorly the rules were issued.  Also thanks to all the hard work that everyone is doing in updating and improving the rules. 
    Imperious Leader? 
    Whats the official score on New Guinea airfield?

  • Japan is an island. Its only special rule is the IC restriction, but that is arguable, since it says you can’t build on islands. Anyway, you can’t scramble from New Guinea.

  • But you can put ports or airbases on Islands, including New guinea correct?

    IF New guinea is considered an Island, it doesn’t have the IC ability to place a factory anyway, plus being an Island makes that impossible.  Is New Zealand considered an Island even though it is not fully surrounded by water on all sides, since it runs off the board?

    Did they split up new guinea that way so you specifically could not utilize the scramble feature there?  It is a pretty critical area for ANZAC if they want to get their bonus money.  I have had decent success with using the Solomans as an airbase to defend the fleet around it.  It is defend able against the Carolines and also has plenty of routes through the back to Western US and Australia.  It does require ANZAC to cough up 15$ for it though, which could be a destroyer and a transport, also very important.

  • Page 16 of the manual: “An island is a territory located entirely inside one sea zone”

    Since New Guinea’s territories are located within 2 sea zones, it is not an island for game proposes and planes can’t be scrambled from airbases on them.

    You can place airbases and naval bases anywhere. If any of New Guinea’s territories had an IPC value of 2 or more you could also build an IC there since it’s isn’t an island for game proposes.

    New Zealand is considered an islands (pg. 3 of the Official FAQ).

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