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  • I have been playing with the Soviets quite a lot recently. They have a major advantage because they always get one move in which they know exactly where their enemies will be (i.e. their first turn). This is assuming that Russia is not restricted. I have one question about the Russian first move that I was hoping the more experienced players could help with:

    I always send one fighter against the German Baltic transport and sub, and I send one fighter to help with the invasion of Manchuria. I also invade Ukraine.

    My question is about the Soviet sub and transport in Karelia. Is it better to send them to the UK water to defend England’s two ships there from Germany’s airforce, or should I use them to attack the German sub in Western Spain Sea?

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    I generaly Go Sub on Sub of the coast of Spain and leave the tranny off the oast of the UK.

    I however never atack Manchuria, Japan can to easily counter and Kill off the Eastern forces of the USSR.

    Belive it or not I occasionaly use my fighters to help hold India.

  • Assuming no Russia Restricted, I attack Baltic with 2 fighters, Ukraine with everything else in range, and leave my fleet for fodder off england. The more fighters I take out the better. Building 8 infantry in Karelia of course.

  • I like taking my sub against the atlantic submarine. I attack E. Europe and Ukraine to kill German infantry. take out the germans in the baltic with a fighter or two. kill a couple japanese infantry in Manchuria then retreat.

  • i agree with dezrtfish on this one.

  • With Russia I usually attack the seaport

    with 1 sub 1trans and 1 fighter. I

    anticipate the loss of the royal navy. I

    protect that attacting Russian fighter

    because it needs to be saved for future

    engagements. Also the Russian sub can

    withdraw and protect the fleet of England

    (sometimes). The fleet of the Russian Navy

    can be used to take hits by itself in the

    Northern port of Germany by itself or used

    in a defensive role when the Brits rebuild

    a navy. The number of targets increase for

    the German player causing him to make more

    mistakes. Even if a single Russian ship

    survives it annoys the hell out of the German

    player possibly causing him to take another

    risk hitting it with another air unit.

    Many advantages in this attack.

  • why would the German playertry to take out something that causes virtually no threat to him when there are much more valuable targets to take out? I would only go after a russian fleet in the Baltic only if 1) I had nothing better to do with my airforce, or 2)I was planing an extensive naval campaign in the Atlantic.

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    The way I see it the Russian fleet is useless to the Russians. It can be very helpfull to the americans and British however.

    I would say the majoraty of the time the Germans hit the atlantic hard on the first turn. The best thing the russians can do is get in the fight. Every German sub that dies on Russia’s first turn creates the possibility for a dead German fighter on Germany’s turn. This benifits all allies. The transport has the ability to possibly allow the Brithish battleship an aditional kill by being cannon fodder.

  • I once thought as you do.

  • I agree w/“K.T.” about the sea battle, but I use the other fighter with 1-2 tanks and all 8 infantry into the Ukraine. I buy 6 infantry and 1 armor in expectation of the lose in the Ukraine, to keep Russia w/some offensive force. And I consalidate my troops in the east and pull back my armor from Yakut. I very this from game to game. Sometimes, I buy all infantry and not attack in hopes that Germany will come in, and then hit them hard on a counter. I usually do not attack Fin/Norway due to the fact they can’t go anywhere except attack. So I usually take them out a little later.

  • I play restricted, so all i do is move my naval units to england. As much as possible inf to karelia, one fighter to india. Three tanks into russia. 6 men into yakut, and leave one standing to the right of Yakut(cant remember what the land is called).

    This has worked fine for me over the years.

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