• Does anyone know where I could get a list of full names (no abbreviations) for all the land territories and sea zones?

  • for the board game? aren’t they printed on there? or do you have the PC version or something? anyway, i’m pretty sure you can get all the names on a map at like the avalon hill website, and if not there, i’m not really sure. i’m pretty sure somebody else would know

  • I have the board game. I’m looking for the full names, for example, of the USSR territories that seem to have been abbreviated. I’m no historian so I’m not sure what some of those territory names are supposed to be.

    I’d also like to get names for each of the sea zones if possible.

    I’m looking at this from more of a PBEM point of view. If there is a PBEM reference somewhere, point me to it.

  • Eh, they usally use #'s for Sea zones, the PBEM people will give you the #'s. As for Russian abv., what do you mean? SSR? That would be Soviet Socialist Republic (i.e. Ukrane SSR = Ukrane Soviet Socialist Republic), Evenki Nat’l Okrug I have no frikin idea. But as for the SSR’s, you don’t need to write “Soviet Socialist Republic”, just write Ukrane SSR…or even Ukrane works…or Ukr…the PBEM usally use abv.

  • Evenki National Okrug is not an abbreviation. The soviet union created several okrugi, essentially nearly autonomous states for people of varying cultures, kind of like indian reservations in the US.

  • i guess alot of the asian russians lived there

  • There are a whole bunch of ethnic groups in Russia that no one ever really hears about.

  • what types of ethnic groups? like chinese or indian?

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