• It seems that when I play germany my offensive just gets whittled down by stacks of INF. I need help because I’m used to AA Classic not europe and in classic when I’m Germany I easily Beat down the allies and in europe I havent won yet 😞

  • ok, here’s what you do (usually works for me) w/ your initial $12, build 4 infantry for poland. on turn 1, build all infantry, and plan on taking moscow on turn 5. )turn 1 you build all infantry, turn 2&3 build all tanks so they can be in the battle for moscow too. after turn 3, build all bombers or infantry to defend against UK and US. it’s basically a deal where you attack moscow on turn 5 w/ your 20+ infantry and about 20 tanks, 6 fighters and bomber, against all that russia has. another key startegy is to take leningrad AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. it’s the only way for allied planes to get to russia, (except if you take em thru africa or something) so you have to take it as early as possible, turn 3 the latest. it almost always works, b/c even russia’s huge infantry stack can’t get thru your cannon fodder stack of 20 infantry in time to get to your tanks, which are averaginf about 10 kills per turn (if you have 20) plus your airfoce, and russia is toast. this can only work is you take leningrad as early as possible. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS. the earlier you take it, the less russian fighters you have to deal with.

  • I would like to add another idea for germany. I usually have Russia beaten on turn 4/5. 12ipcs=4 inf in Poland or extra U-Boot and an artillery.
    1st Turn Build Phase: Build 5 tanks and 5 inf.
    1st Turn Movement:
    Move all, except one, from Norway into Finland. Move all infantry out of eastern france and neth/belguim into Germany. All inf in Ger to poland. Move all tanks that are in range into poland, all others to ger. Move hungarian and czech inf into poland, move rumanian inf into bessarabia. move yugo inf into hungary. one Italian inf to yugo the other with art and air attack malta. Bulgarian inf to rumania.
    Use own disgression; the object is to wipe out entire Brit navy. This usually requires all of your airforce(but it leaves england with no way to threaten you for several turns).

    General Strategy versus Russians:

    Never commit tanks unless they are needed. On turn 2 you should be able to attack east poland w/20-25 inf, 6 artillery, and your air force that is in range(usually 3 fighters and the bomber). If the russians retreated into leningrad/belorussia/ukraine you only will need the inf, arty, and air. Move your new tanks and inf into poland. You should have about 21 tanks in poland on second turn. Turn three attack belorussia with all inf, arty from east poland, entire airforce, and all tanks in poland. This is game over it is impossible for russians to stop this attack. If the russians kept countering forces in reseve they will bleed to death on your inf/art/tanks, thats at most 52 defenders but most likley 42 will surve first attack. Turn four is simply take moscow and put the game away.

    25inf + 6arty + 5fighters + 21tanks + 1bomber can defeat anything the russians put into belorussia.

  • i agree w/ you here, unless germna player is an idiot or the russian player is alot better. when i play this game w/ friends, i always play russia (cuz i’m the best in my little group) b/c it’s the hardest country to play. i can beat the germna player about half the time, it’s a pretty even game if you have the best player play as russia

  • ok you win no matter what
    save your initial 12
    save you money for the first turn, don’t buy a thing. move artilllary to germany, and infantry to germany, if you lose territory, it’s ok. Take out uk fleet with uboats, and have them ready to take all uk convoys on turn 2 (don’t lose your uboat fleet by spreading it thin round one)
    Get your med fleet in gibraltar.
    Now on germany round 2
    if uk didn’t buy lots of infantry turn one, you win, you should have 92 ipc’s, buy 8 transports and a destroyer. Take all the convoys (with subs) , and you can invade uk no matter what. may need an extra destroyer depending on if the uk has a large air force. you move all artillary to germany, and infantry to fill transports. Be ready to hit uk with everything (including med fleet) with as many artillary as possible. you can hit it with 20 land units, and 6 fighters+bomber+bombards of destroyers and battleship. he needs 16 +infantry and fighters (us and uk) to hold. even if they hold with a few infantry, have stuff ready for wave 2. This means that you buy artillary to hit uk with you can use tanks too. uk will have a production of about 12 or something, so it will fall if they down’t build infantry turn 1. (if they build a fleet, they lose)
    now, suppose he sees this, and on uk turn one, buys infantry. No problem, ignore uk!!
    now focus on taking the russian convoy as much as possible, and buy 30 infantry!!
    now you have 50+ infantry on germany at the end of turn 2.
    at the end of turn 3, you have 60 infantry, and tanks and fighters on poland remember to build only tanks for the remainder of the game so they can catch up with your stack.
    at the end of turn 4 you sit on belorussia with your 60 infantry, some artillary, and 20+ tanks
    moscow will fall, it is impossible to defend moscow unless both allies send tons of fighters to moscow (but remember, uk has to waste turn one on infantry), i think germany wins 90% of the time this way, so it’s not much fun, i am looking at historical rules, or splitting belorussia so it doesn’t border moscow (the additional turn would give russia time to build what it needs to hold)
    now you may be thinking, what about the us and uk, surely they can invade and take france, and be ready to take germany with all this tanks building stuff. well, it doesn’t really matter, because so what if the allies take france, they are still 2 spaces from germany. You can have 6-8 infantry and air to counter an invasion, but i think it’s better to let them in. Plus, it takes forever for usa to get stuff to where it can invade the us, block the us fleet movement with subs, the uk fleets are damaged turn 1, and you can hurt uk income a lot with your subs for the first 3 turns. It takes 3 turnes before they can invade anyway. It’s practically impossible to take germany that fast.

  • @lnxduk:

    ok you win no matter what

    Now on germany round 2
    if uk didn’t buy lots of infantry turn one, you win, you should have 92 ipc’s, buy 8 transports and a destroyer.
    … and you can invade uk no matter what. … Be ready to hit uk with everything (including med fleet) with as many artillary as possible. you can hit it with 20 land units, and 6 fighters+bomber+bombards of destroyers and battleship. … (if they build a fleet, they lose)

    now focus on taking the russian convoy as much as possible, and buy 30 infantry!!

    First: The sub-stalling technique delays your invasion onto england for one turn at least, especially when you cannot march towards it before turn three.
    Second: How can you buy 30 Inf on a later turn, without saving money one turn again?

  • i actually think this is a pretty good idea… i’ll have to try it sometime. i’ve never tried to invade UK before, but if i didn’t spend any of my money on turn one UK would know something fishy’s going on, and would probably buy 4 infantry and 1 destroyer, and i would invade and win. sounds like a GREAT strategy, i’m gonna try it next time i play w/ germnay (might take awhile, i’m usually russia)

  • I tried something like that, I built 5 transports and moved all of my fighters and bombers into range of england. the uk player didn’t see this but russia sent its damn fighter after it and it sunk three before I took it out. But this did not deter me from my plan. So next turn I sent 2inf and 2artillery with 6ftrs and a bomber against his 6 inf and 1ftr. Oh yes, no AA gun kills (I win 😎 ). so after uk fell everyone quit :-?

    PS - is it an actual rule in the book that germany gets 12$ bid, or is that a house rule?

  • its not a bid, the allies get 12 too, and yes its in the rules.
    also the strategy calls for you not to spend your $$$ on the first turn, so on the second turn you spend like 80 bucks instead of only 40

  • testing

  • Sorry, seeing if my messege would go through!
    I am by no means an advanced player, being that I play with a select bunch of friends. That being said, I have successfully crushed england on the third turn. It depends upon alot of luck, bravado, and most importantly the english player must have no idea what you are doing.

    Turn 1: 12 ipcs (save it), your 40 ipcs (save it). You must successfully wipe out the british fleet. Why? B/c the british player (as a rule) will want to rebuild his fleet, and will thus spend his money on ships and not men.

    Second, you will want to assault gilbralter with the italian fleet plus land a troop in gilbralter. isolate the british fighter in the med. Also, having your fleet in the gilbralter zone allows for a more show of force in the Atlantic.

    Third, you must assault Vyborg, and Lenningrad, and the baltic states. AT ALL COSTS!!! You must not allow the russian to fly any planes into the baltic sea. Second, mass as many troops in the baltic state as possible. Makes the allies believe your going for moscow. However, fortify your southern front. Place your planes either in Norway or France. (Best to split them up) Also, mass your afika corp where your gilbralter transport can pick up a man and a artillery piece.

    Last, try and take as many british convoys as possible. Why? B/c you do not want him to buy men when he sees you are going to initiate operation Sea Lion. If he does by men, your chance of success is slim.

    2nd Turn: By a battleship, and transports. The reason I buy a battleship is that it can absorb hits. (from my understanding of the rules, if this is wrong, try 2 destroyers) The british player will see your attempt and try to sink them. Hopefully the British player will have spent his money building ships. He will have very little money left to spend on troops. Virtually ignore the russian. It will not matter if he takes back lenningrad on this turn, nor vyborg. Your purpose is served by protecting the fleet.

    3rd Turn: Place as many artillery pieces into your transports w/your next priority being men. YOur planes will be the offensive arm. Men, well, we all know in AA what men are for. Assault England, with artillery, men, 5 planes (hopefully), a bomber, and 2 battleships. You should clean house.

    Good Luck. This worked for me…

  • sounds good, if they buy men the turn before, you can just go for russia instead. What i am going to do as uk if germany kills my fleet and saves, is buy infantry and artillary, and some fleet., maybe for the atlantic, that way the canadians can sail in as well. That way if they realize they can’t hit england, then i can use the artillary to invade. What if russia places 8 infantry in leningrad turn 1? you can’t possibly guarantee that you will take it, leningrad is really important to send in fighters, i doubt they will let you take it so easily.

    What if you buy 5-6 artillary and save the rest G1? for amphibious assault, arillary are really important. Also, as some one else suggested you can do the first round against uk send all your tanks this will soften it up for the final blow with art/inf. This also gives you an extra turn so you will have 12 or more transports with 1inf and 1art on each. If uk is cashing out at about 14-19, they wouldn’t be able to keep up. Be sure to block the us’s fleet with subs!

  • The major problem is: Germany has to concentrate its fleet in the North Sea, or all that the UK needs is one subs surviving germanies T2 and a clear North Sea. Then the UK will send the sub into the german fleets SZ and submerge before fighting. This stalls any german amphibious assault on the next turn. And, as i may add, this one turn can turn out to be crucial.
    So, Germany has to sacrifice something for the North Sea…
    not a big change, but something that must not be forgotten for a working Sea Lion.

  • fast responses. Wished I lived close so we could play some AA.
    That being said, my first response to Indux is this…this strategy is based upon alot of contingencies, and I don’t believe it can be done twice against the same player/s. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If the british player sees what your up to, I don’t believe this strategy will work. Second, I believe the germans go first, therefore, I don’t think it would be possible for the Russians to place 8 men in leningrad. (I could be wrong)

    Re: F_alk. That sounds good, that is the problem without having a destroyer in the balkan sea. Once again, the british player has to see what is going on. If he does, I don’t believe this strategy will work in any form, (other than transporting alot of men to the Russian front faster.) If he spends his money on a sub, that is less men to defend UK. With that, I will need to look over what you posted, I don’t get to play AAE as much as I would like (which would be everyday), so I would need to go over your suggestion. 😄

    After all, this was a “suggested strategy.” But thanks for the friendly chats. :lol:

  • This weekend we broke out the AAAE so I tried lnxduk’s strategy from the 20th (save all money get 8 transports, trounce the UK. But I was a little foolish. He didn’t go for rebuilding his navy, he bought fighters and I just didn’t stop and think. A little more care and I would have pulled it off but when I deployed my fleet to the SZ around denmark he balked, terrified, seeing what was coming - his lack of income and his poor british defenses.

    Then he regained consciousness and with figthers from Russia and the UK in subsequent turns and great rolls took out every vessel I’d just dropped on the board.

    Now I’m fighting a desparate battle to regain my pride. Lesson learned: if you have 92 ipcs and you don’t stop to think about how your opponent is responding to you… it’ll buy you nothing but a really pretty fireworks show off of the danish coast.

    The one thing that I’m really starting to like about AAAE is that Germany can sit back just a little bit. The mere fact that you can wait until Round 2 to buy anything and still have good borders and a reasonable presence in each theatre is really great. You can take all that time to see what your opponents plan’s are and then spen nearly 100 ipcs at once to form your strat for the game.

    It’s awesome if you’re used to playing the axis and having to go all out turn 1 in the hopes that things will go well and you can put the allies on the defensive.

    It was worth a shot. I’ll try it again sometime but be a little more careful.

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