Amphibious assault: Can you move units that don't bombard on the non com phase?

  • Amphibious assault: Can you move naval units that don’t bombard on the non combat phase?

    AA Anniversary edition 1941 scenario:

    America has a destroyer in sea zone 12
    sea zone 13 empty
    Morocco  Algeria has 1 German infantry
    America has Battleship, cruiser, aircraft carrier w/2planes, 2 transports in sea zone 10
    sea zone 11 empty
    America has 2 infantry 2 artillery in Eastern USA

    I move fleet from Sea zone 10 to 12 doing an amphibious assault.  Does that make sea zone 12 a combat zone? Does sea zone 12 become a combat zone if i offshore bombard?

    Is it possible to move destroyer from sea zone 12 to sea zone 13 during non-combat move after the amphibious assault is over?

    Can I separate the destroyer from this amphibious assault so I can move it somewhere else?

  • '20 '18 '16 '13 '12


    As per AA 50 Rulebook:

    "Phase 5: Noncombat Move

    Sea Units: Sea units can move through any friendly sea zone. They cannot move through hostile sea zones."

    Sea Zones: Sea zones are either friendly or hostile. Friendly sea zones contain no enemy surface warships. Hostile sea zones contain enemy surface warships.”

    Seems like you should be fine. SZ12 is not a hostile sea zone because it has no enemy ships in it and your bombardment does not make it a hostile zone so you should be good to move the destroyer anywhere you please. Intuitively, since there is no real “battle” taking place at sea, the ships would not have to be in formation and the destroyer may never even come in contact with the other ships. It would not need to be present for their bombardment so it should be free to travel wherever it is directed.

    Hope that helps.

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