Dutch and French in Global

  • In Global, will Japan start out at war with France?  Or will it have to wait for Paris to fall to take the French territories?

    Also, if the Netherlands is liberated, will any DEI territories under occupation by the other allies revert to Dutch control?

    And, will there be a new captured capital rule where a nation can occupy a friendly territory with a captured capital without having to liberate it from the enemy first?  I never thought it made sense in the old games to only be able to gain control of friendly territories with a captured capital if the enemy took them first.  And with the French and Dutch rules allowing for allies to simply move forces in to take control of those territories, it seems like it would make sense for it to apply to all nations.

    I don’t think these questions have an official answer yet, but what do you think should and/or will be the rules.

  • I think Paris will start off already controlled by Germany.

    Doubt that there will be such a thing as liberating the Dutch capital. Which ever ally controls it, will control it until the end of the war. It will then be returned to the Dutch.

    No to the third one. The Allies can’t take control of French territories that way. And, only the UK/ANZAC can do it with the Dutch territories.

  • Europe 1940 starts just before the German invasion of France.  So the Germans will not begin the game occupying Paris.  There will be a dedicated French army and color (likely controlled by another player, or the game will probably be very boring for that player) that will defend France at the beginning of the game, and will most likely come back at the end of the game if the Allies are winning.  I doubt the global setup would be any different.

    Also, I’m almost positive I read in the rulebook that the UK and ANZAC can take the French territories before Japan without a DoW.  Did I misread the rulebook or was this changed in the Errata?

    Also, you’re probably right on this one, but I assumed that once the US entered the war they could occupy Dutch territories without having to first liberate them from Japan, assuming they lasted that long without one of the sides taking them.

  • Things were changed in the errata.

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