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    me and some friends have recently started playing A&A revised atleast once a week. Over the course of a couple of months we’ve developed a “strategy” for Axis , that the allied side just cannot seem to counter. This is standard game, with no additional options. (Superfortresses etc.)

    What we do is ;

    R1 ; Basically a 1-2 territory attack. Either stacking Karelia\Cauca\Russia, or attack West Russia and\or Belorussia. Buying 8 inf or 6art. Retreat inf to Yakut to prevent bombardment on russian seashore.

    G1 ; buy 8 tanks. All available units attacking Karelia , including fighters that can reach apart from balkans one. West Europe fighter fly as close to russian front as possible. The standard attack on Anglo-Egypt aswell. Standard Sub attack on sz1.

    UK1 ; IC in India, and transport + Tank\art for britain. move all remaining inf in middle-east to india with the help of transport. To protect it max from japan. Sink transport in sz59 with fighter and optionally the destroyer from india aswell. Send 2 troops from Australia to New Guinea. Try to land troops in Norway, or support russia in karelia.

    JP1 ; 2 IC’s buy. Pearl Harbour 2. Sub from sz45 to UK transport in New Guinea(if Uk attack succeed) Land inf+tank in Alaska to divert USA a little. All possible planes to India, including all possible land units. Land all planes in french indo-china. India have fallen all 4 times we’ve tried. Pull Manchuria troops to Kwangtung, if russians pulled they’re border back, if not leave it as it is. Place ICs in French Indochina & Kwangtung

    USA1 ; 2transports, 2inf, 2tank, 1fighter. all in eastern us. Normally a amphibious assault on Algeria. Bomber to Britain, fighter to sink german sub in sz1.

    Basically what follows are ;

    R2 ; try to build up defence. Take some low-guarded german territories if there’s an opening.
    G2 ; Caucasus falls. Allout attack there with everything including every aircraft. Russia on its heels. 2 tanks blitz most of africa.
    UK2 ; 3 tanks India, try to attack\fortify norway. Push towards karelia.
    J2 ; buys 6 tanks. take china with tanks + all air support. Move inf from Kwangtung to manchuria again. 1 land unit to persia from india. Place tanks in Asia two IC’s (3 if UK build in India, spread as you like)
    US2 ; Push Libya. SBR germany. Fighters to algeria. land more troops in algeria.

    By round 3 germany is at moscow gates, aswell as japan sittign in sinkiang ready to blitz moscow. Russia falls in R4. Britain normally follows in round 7-8 from a massive Sea Lion and a full Luftwaffe attack. Japan pushes US from africa, and starts navy build for US war. Round 8 is normally when Allies gives in and accepts defeat.

    This blitzkrieg with germany and japan just going all out on the mainland , makes for a fast victory that me and my friends just can’t find and counter to. UK\US builds are the ones we really are unsure of, ive just given examples of what might happen.
    Anyone can find a\knows a counter for it ? Would really help us, as for now it just seems to overpowered for the axis.

  • Hey,

    I love these Axis overpowered threads. Actually, between veteran players, the Axis needs a few extra units. But, the Allies do take some time to figure out and are often underestimated.

    For R1, I would attack West Russia and stack Caucuses, or West Russia and Ukraine. My purchase would be 3 inf, 3 tanks to prevent Germany from advancing and holding Karelia or Ukraine. Russia can often hold Germany back until the Allied shuck is in place(more on that later). Stacking Karelia isn’t a good idea on R1. As you noted, Germany can and should pound the stack. Don’t let them pound your stacks. Keep your hands off of my stack! I prefer to pull back all of my Eastern infantry but people differ on that. In any case, Germany should never be at Moscow’s gate at G3. And when Germany has strong attacking odds on Caucuses after the other Allies do all they can to support it, your best bet is to pull back.

    G1: It’s understandable that you wouldn’t divert planes when the Soviets stacked in Karelia, but in normal circumstances the UK med battleship has to go. Also, I would buy much more infantry unless I was making a big attack on the Soviets as you’ve been able to. Given those conditions, Germany’s moves were good.

    A more typical UK/US strategy would be the shuck. This is building up transports and landing troops over Africa and Europe. If it’s safe, the UK builds inf and fighters and can go to Algeria first turn with the USA. Otherwise, the UK can build transports firs turn. The UK is in Norway no later than UK3 barring bizarre circumstances. From here, they build up in Norway until they can safely stack Karelia. All the while they threaten WE, Ger, EE, and Karelia. Another important piece is to position your planes to kill both German navies early on. For example, I sometimes move my British fighters to WE first turn.

    As you’ve learned, the Indian factory is usually overwhelmed quite easily. I don’t recommend it unless the Allies are all working together to stifle Japanese growth. I’ll leave that topic to someone who knows more about it than I do. Since those units aren’t tied down defending India, there are a lot of options for them. Mix and match. It’s possible to counter Egypt with as much as 3 inf, fighter, bomber. The Kwangtung transport and Solomons sub can be attacked. The Indian fighter can go to Buryatia(if stacked), to Egypt, or to the Hawaii seazone. Often, I’ll combine the India and Aussie ships to threaten Africa and the Middle East.

    With Japan, I prefer to build up transports on J1 and J2 so my first factory goes down on J3. Using transports is faster than the 2 IC build at getting units to the front(but not for tanks), provides potential fodder for a US Pacific strategy, and can land Africa, the South Pacific, and North America.

    The American strategy looks pretty good. With that start, you’ll probably want to move to the North Atlantic to continue the shuck with the UK. You don’t mention what you do after landing Africa. When I started playing, I was logistically stupid and instead played a Pacific strategy because I couldn’t keep my transports straight. Maybe you’re better than I was starting out and already know this. Anyhow, if you haven’t used it yet, the US will need two sets of transports. One shucks troops from Canada to the UK. The other set follows the British fleet and lands troops from the UK into Europe.

    Overall, I think with good Russian play and the Allies playing a KGF (Kill Germany First) strategy, you should see a string of Allied victories.

  • @hammerfadl:


    me and some friends have recently started playing A&A revised atleast once a week. Over the course of a couple of months we’ve developed a “strategy” for Axis , that the allied side just cannot seem to counter.

    Give the axis a smaller bid  😄 🙂 😉

  • '16 '15 '10


    The main thing Allies are doing wrong is building India without help from USA in the Pacific.

    For your next game, forget about India.  Use the MiddleEast units to counter-attack Egypt on UK1.  Spend the money you would have spent on the factory on infantry and transports.  Then start dumping men either in Algeria or in SZ2 (Karelia or Arch).

    If Germany is pursuing an all-tank strategy, you can try dumping a large amount of infantry/tanks into Western Europe with UK and USA back-to-back.  This would happen on Uk2-Usa2 or uk3-usa3.  Germany then needs to attack this force, and if they retake it, UK is in position to hit the remaining tanks again.  This manuevor is very costly to Germany and should allow Russia to take the offensive.

    Plans are easiest to actualize if you have a clear objective.  Focus on either KGF (all Allies attack Germany) or KJF (all Allies attack Japan).  Ganging up on one Axis or the other enables you to take a capital, which is the key to winning the game (ie get to Berlin before they get to Moscow).  Learn KGF first–save the India factory for another time.

    Never buy 6 art r1.  Good buys are 5 inf 1 art 1 tank or 3 inf 3 tanks.  The most popular are probably the most effective R1 attack is Ukraine/West Russia.  Reasonable inf/art ratios are around 5:1, and reasonable inf/tank ratios are around 3:1

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