More victory cities needed?

  • Me and my brother have played AA50 at least 20-30 times (sometimes with friends, sometimes with relatives, and sometimes on our own). It is our experience, that it is very hard/impossible for the axis to conquer ottawa, san francisco and washington. We were thinking the following: Why not add more victory cities, or change the position of the current? Either you add cities like cairo, johannesburg, and Belgrad (saw that one on another site), or you simply change ottawa to johannesburg and san francisco to rio de janeiro. This would spice up the game more 🙂

    What do you think?

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    Do whatever you want to spice up the game, by all means.  If you want to change what victory cities there are, change them.  Change the victory conditions.  Play until you have a certain number of territories, a certain level of combined income, or even until one power can build 10 battleships.  If you want to spice it up, that would be a good way to do it.

    But most people, in my experience, don’t pay any attention to victory cities.  Just play until one side gives up.  Usually this happens before 15 victory cities are obtained.

    It does not matter that Washington, Ottawa, and San Francisco are hard to take.  If you’re playing the standard 15 victory cities, you don’t need any of them.  If you’ve taken over Moscow and London, it is only a matter of time until all 18 cities are yours, so it really doesn’t matter.

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