I need help defeating Britian plz reply

  • Ok i am in a club at school and im playing japan tommorow now i know my friend who plays britian LOves india. India i can take it the beggingin but i know my friend who plays Russia will kill me, also i cant hold india because of US attack from russia.so i have no idea what to do ive never played japan ussaully i play U.S. cause the person who plays britian is the best and i believe that if he loses india he is screwed cause i will also take australia after i take india. im thinkin what im going to do is attack CHINA from that country to the east of it which i cant remember. and bring my bomber and 1 of my fighters from Burma to kill india. i know that if the UK has a 2nd turn on INDIA he will place a industrial complex on first turn maybe… but if he does russia will probaly take it so also how can i defend Burma? while attacking india from burma can anyone tell me how to destroy india and kill china. if i can kill china, and india and fortify them all with infantrey i willhave the game, because russia will be easily taken plz reply soon my move is tommorow after the UK were on Germany now thanks

    1. don’t waste your fleet destroying the USA carriers- you’ll need them to protect your transports.
    2. be a good ally. attack russia en masse. if you can isolate them in the far east do it- Ie… go around some of them to force their infantry to attack you. this prevents russia from knocking out germany.
    3. use your planes like tanks. don’t worry about getting tanks ashore, get masses of infantry- even if you have to sacrifice the phillipeans. the planes can help on multiple fronts, and will not be lost as casualties (unless you really mess up)
    4. destroy the indian troops transport- no reinforcements-

  • yeah, take india on the 1st turn if he builds an IC, but if he doesn’t, then i’d say go after russia and china on turn 1, and use at least SOME of your fleet to take out the american carrier @ hawaii

  • Yeah, do what these guys say. Also, consider that Transports (TRs) are a better value dollar-for-dollar than an IC & Armor (ARM) for Japan, at least until you’ve got much of Asia under your belt. Put INF en masse onto the continent each turn & as alamein says, use your Fighters (FTRs) as ARM. But FTRs are better than ARM in movement & defense so be sure to deploy them defensively after your attack. Sink the USA Hawaiian Islands fleet 1st turn…

    I am not a big fan of attacking India 1st turn if the Allies have built up there. Even w/ 3 INF, 1 FTR & 1 TR there you are in for a stiff fight & will expose yourself to Chinese spoiling counterattacks. Thats why IMHO its important to concentrate on loading INF to the continent using TRs the 1st few turns until you can put an IC on Asia. Due to the fact that UK is wholly dependent on their 3-point IC in India for troops, using INF, FTRs & w/ the addition of an IC for ARM, you ought to be able to bottle up UK until you are so strong you can crush them without fear of a counterattack. Now UK feels like a big idiot 'cuz they wasted 15 IPCs on an IC + who knows how much on troops only to be annihilated with no effect on the game.

    Most important–work with your Germany player. I can’t stress this enough–if the player layout is as you describe (sounds like the best player is the UK player & the USSR & USA players are known to play aggressive early on) I’d suggest you & your partner meet well before the game & discuss strategy while you still have time. Develop a combined plan of action & stick to it. Talk frequently during the game to coordinate your moves. Germany & Japan must cooperate not just strategically but tactically (move for move) in order to win a game like this…

    Hope this helps!


  • Ok today it sucked i attacked from burma to india it was a eventrade i dont get it i lost bomber and all i dont see how normal infantry units can kill a bomber but oh well it was a trade for a trade then i attacked china from that one KW country i think my friend had loaded dice noone died on china. the person who was playing india did put a IC on india so i tried to take it now hes got a plane and 2 troops on i again and butma only has 1 fighter on it and KW country has 1 armor on it and manchuria has its normal on it i bought some units 2 tanks and a IC my turn is up next tommorow what should i do PLzhelp lol

  • ok i’ll try to help . tell me all your pieces on the mainland and tell me what he has okay?

  • okay, how many transprts do you have? if you have enough, then build 3 tanks for the IC, and then all infantry to take over to the mainland in transports. your postion is not good, but it sounds like britian is mainly focusing on the pacific, so how is your ally doing in europe?

  • ok on JApan i have everything that i started with excluding a tank and a bomber. and i still have all my transports i have 2 . india as of right now has 2 inf 1 fighter. china has 2 inf 1 fighter and Yakut has 5 infantry. na di have 1 armor on YW country and 1 fighter on burma and 2 infantry and 1 armor and fighter on manchuria and a IC on manchuria
    so what should i do

  • could you amphibiously attack india? if you can, attack with all you can and make sure you hold manchuria at all costs, so you can build 3 tanks there next turn. attack india will all you’ve got

  • remember, you have to protect manchuria as well, so try to put as many infantry there as possible, and land your fighters there as well (isn;t manchuria where you have the IC?) maybe put 1 man in kwantung so he can’t just walk into it from china

  • What I said before is even more vitally important to you now: get troops to the continent at all costs! You have 2 TRs–you’ll need more, as many as you can afford with a corresponding # of INF to load on them. Also buy 3 ARM to put on the IC in Manchuria EVERY TURN! If you don’t start losing territory, then you will still build up on the continent faster than the Allies can (they have only what they started with on the board + 3 units–probably ARM–per turn from the IC). You need to start taking Allied territory NOW: that means you need a lot of land units on Asia pronto.

    If you have to let India go for the time being, fine: they will continue to spend 15 IPCs on ARM for India each turn, which will help your ally, Germany, immensely…

    Work with Germany! If you haven’t already, talk to your ally & find out what his plans are & what he needs from you. You may find he wants you to put more pressure on USSR, and simply block India for the time being. Do what he says–its no help to you at all to take India only to find Germany has since been eliminated & you are the only remaining Axis power! That may be what UK intended all along!


  • yeah, it is VERY important to work w/ your ally when you’re the axis… maybe even more important than working together as the allies, since you can do whatever you want and still win anyway (w/out bids + RR)

  • What SB and ozone say are good advice. To elaborate, with only two transports, I suggest even more, you can put more units on mainland asia than the IC in India. Eventually you can overwhelm India and use the IC for your own purposes. I suggest your IC in Manchuria be used to advance against Russia. I don’t like IC in Manchuria because itis too close to Japan. Transports can do the same job. That’s for your next game. My biggest Question is Where is your Navy and what is the US doing in the Pacific? Your main objective should be to get units in asia to advance against Russia and at least neutralize the India IC. When attacking, always use infantry to absorbe defensive hits in conjunction with fighters bombers or tanks to inflict offensive casualties. Remember, if your attack is going badly you have the option to retreat. PROTECT YOUR AIR FORCE and to a lesser extent your armor. I hope this is helpful. Good Luck!

  • yes, it is VERY important for you to protect your fighters. (didn’t you already lose your bomber though?) just keep bringing men to the mainland, and build the 3 tanks per turn in manchuria.(or maybe a fighter and 2 tanks)

  • Part of the problem, I think, was that 1st-turn IC purchase in Manchuria. Japan should usually avoid big-ticket items such as ICs or Aircraft Cariers (CVs) etc. until she’s expanded her economy a bit. Remember you are almost as poor as USSR on your 1st turn…


  • but since he has the IC there now, i think he should utilize it at least by puting 3 tanks or 2 tanks and 1 fighter there

  • in the begining of the game it is possible to take china singkiang and india and kill the american carrier on the first turn(taking out china is a must).if england builds an ic in india(lol) kick back and relax a little cuz they just gave you an ic.depending on if the germans are holding africa try sending a transport or 2 with some inf or tanks as that is where 1/3 of englands money comes from.a rich japan is russias worst nightmare. when nearing ussr with japan watchout for a preemptive counterstrike.if properly timed it will give ya a headache.

  • i do agree, taking china on turn 1 is very important; you definitely don’t want the chinese to be attacking kwantung on turn 1

  • I agree, when playing Japan my top priority on t1 is to eliminate the US fighter in China and gives Japan control of a centrally located territory. Even if it means leaving Burma wide open. This discourages a US IC in asia,allows tanks landing in Manchuria to blitz through to the interior among other advantages. I can retake Burma on the next turn and have a good chnce of taking a possible UK IC in India soon after. My motto as Japan is never build an IC if the UK will do it for you.

  • @StrongBad1988:

    but since he has the IC there now, i think he should utilize it at least by puting 3 tanks or 2 tanks and 1 fighter there

    …definitely. Next game though, consider building the IC on T2 instead–by which time you should have a pretty good economy.

    Taking China & eliminating the US fleet at Hawaii are good, achievable goals for T1…


  • turn 1 goals for japan: china occupied
    peral harbor destroyed
    india occupied (usually only possible if britain didn’t move his transport into the french indo china sea) tons os infantry in manchuria and french indo china

  • hey strong bad- what are you trying to accomplish with japan? what do you do as japan if in T1 russia takes manchuria? not critisism only a question.

  • well i almost always play russia restricted, so russia can’t take manchuria on turn 1. and even if we do let russia attack on turn 1, than we have high bids and usually an extra infantry or two or three gets placed in manchuria, so it would be virtually impossible for russia to take manchuria on turn 1

  • what are bids?

  • when 2 people play the game, both players bid for the axis. this means they both select a number, and the player with the lower number gets the axis. the player with the lowest number gets that many IPC’s to spend on axis units before the game starts.

    e.g. player 1 bids 7, player 2 bids 6. player 2 plays as the axis, and he gets 6 IPC’s to spend (or save) as he sees fit on units for the axis before the game starts. the units he places can (obviously) only be placed in axis controlled territory. so player 2 decides to build 2 infantry in manchuria, so before the USSR even makes their first move there are 5 infantry in manchuria instead of 3

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