Here's an idea of mine.

  • I don’t know if this is under the correct forum, but:

    Perhaps a later version of A&A could have paratroop assaults. Attach (not literally) an infantry unit to a bomber and have the bomber fly to a target territory and back, midway dropping off its infantry cargo. I know I’m going to get a lot of negative feedback, I only request that you don’t say something dumb like my brother would say, “how can that little plane carry so many taller troops?” or something like that. But seriously think about it: It would only be done to infantry and it would pretty much act like an amphibious assault, with changes made to the way it works. It’s gonna be big! Just think…

  • Going through the A&A Variant forum, I realise this post is in the wrong forum, sorry, my bad.

  • Paratroopers are a varient in the 3rd edition rules or CD game and work as you discribed. During Combat movement the bomber can load up with one infantry from the territory the bomber originates. Then moves and drops the infantry in enemy territory. But before the infantry is dropped any AA shots are resolved to see if the bomber gets hit. If hit by AA the infantry is lost along with the bomber. Then during combat phase the infantry fight as normal and the bombers can be used as fodder but have no attack value. Just like a tranny in naval combats. Also the bomber needs to have enough moves left after the drop to return to a friendly territory during the non-combat turn.

  • @MajorC:

    Going through the A&A Variant forum, I realise this post is in the wrong forum, sorry, my bad.

    no problem 😄

  • It’s already incorporated in a version I don’t have? I see… So would it be okay to add this into my version of the game? I probably have second edition or something.

  • yeah, it would be okay. a suggestion to you if you play the original board game alot and you are a begginner is to buy the PC game. you get alot of experience from it (even though the AI stinks like crap) and it takes no time to set up. it only costs like $10 or something, but it is pretty hard to find sometimes (some game stroes just don’t cerry it anymore) but it is well worth the money for a begginner. the games go by REALLY fast too, b/c the computer can do their moves in like 5 seconds if you have fast AI mode on.

  • thanks i’ll keep that in mind.

  • don’t buy iron blitz version, buy the original one. firstly, NOBODY plays iron blitz on the zone, and second of all, it has so many bugs in it that it freezes every 2 seconds

  • When you post something and realize it doesn’t belong delete it if you are a registered user!


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