Living in New Jersey?

  • Well! If you you teased me,
    I’d be tempted to d_ck you around, too! :roll: 😛 😉

  • Back on topic…

    How much snow in New Jersey now?

    Here in SW Ohio we’ve had about 32" so far this winter.
    16" is average, but last year we only had 6".

    I heard Maryland had 4 feet in about 2 days! Wow chee ow!

  • well we got 2 and a half ft on monday 🙂 but overall i do not tknow exactly but ill take a guess, about 5 or 6 ft

  • Lets see…

    We had 6 inches or so on Thanksgiving. Another 8 or 10 on Christmas. 6 or so inches a few weeks later. Maybe another foot in random little snowfalls. Then of course last weekend, hitting 30 inches in some parts.

    So, I’d say in the range of 4-5 feet.

  • hey Yanny wear were u today i missed u at lunch. we had another hilarious day at subway. the funniest one of them all and u mist it 😛

  • We’re supposed to get hit hard again next week here in Ohio!
    Hope they are wrong. My back is still tired from the last mess.

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