My modifications to A&A Pacific 1940 (new pieces, etc)

  • Whenever a new A&A game comes out, I always shop around and add tackle boxes for storage, add control markers, IPC’s, and whatnot for an aesthetically pleasing game. Here is what I have done with Pacific 1940 - any other suggestions?

    1. I brought in 10 extra F6F Hellcats from A&A:Pacific - no more P-38’s on carriers!

    2. I grabbed 2 UK Spitfires from A&A:Revised for the Chinese P40 Flying Tigers unit - again, no more P-38’s in China! (Colors match perfectly, and it does look like a P40!)

    3. Brought in IC’s and AA guns from A&A:2nd and A&A:Revised - Gray= Major, White= Minor.

    4. Plano brand 3448 mini tackle boxes work perfectly inside the storage boxes - they come in 4 and 6 pocket sizes, buy both for each box and you will have a little space for CV’s and BB’s that don’t fit inside.

    Any other ideas? I brought over trucks from A&A:Bulge as well - but no idea what to use them for yet!

  • I’ve been toying with a game mod that would allow Japan to build 1 INF in Siam each turn.  Its not game unbalancing and a fun little addition to represent distinctive Siamese forces allied with Japan.  I would use the black German INF models to represent the Siamese.

  • Use the old Red Japanese A&AP Infantry for that - or potentially the old Yellow Japanese Infantry from A&A 2nd Edition.

    Sounds like a good idea - care to post the full rule?

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