• In an SBR is only the AA gun able to defend, or are other units in the attacked territory abe to defend against the bomber. Sorry I do not have a rule book.

  • aa only in a and a
    aa and ftrs in a and a europe

  • In Axis and Allies only the Anti Aircraft Guns get to fire

  • I’m gonna tell you the AA Guns too, so I sound smart.

  • I personally like leaning over the board and slapping the other player. This will soon break them of the habit of SBRs.

  • that works effectively, but he best strategy is to remove their bombers from the board, and then you show them a part in the rulebook (that you inserted earlier) that expalins that on whatever turn he wants, the player of whatever country you are can remove the other player’s bombers. the other player then pays you $25 and buys you a steak dinner. ( having the other player buy you a corvette is optional)

  • Heh. Of course they are talking about the changed rules in Edition 26 of the game. In Edition 27 bombers can land on the compass rose and send kamikaze attacks off sea zones and into map insets. It’s in the rules, you can check it…

  • Okay I get the point. But Tinker i might just turn the other cheek. I’m in the middle of a game playing Japan. My forces are at the gates of Moskow. The Ruskies have a solid defense there and are reinforcing every turn. Germany is no help as they are surrounded but holding out pretty well. I’m thinking about buying a couple of bombers and SB russia to the point where I can successfully attack. I know it’s a long shot But it is more fun than conceding. But as Lou Holtz once said, sometimes the best thing to do is just flip the table over.

  • Oh God… never SBR, you’ll become just like TM Moses… :-?

  • Who the heck is TM Moses and wht did TM do?

  • hey dont be dissing sbrs, they r worth their weight in ipcs if done correctly^_^

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