• So I have played a few games as the allies and won, but it’s only because the U.K can get a nice sized fleet into sz5 giving it free range on Norway,Poland, France and Karelia. and landing stuff in poland really helps the russians, so I was wondering as a German player what I would do and I think that the only real solution is a Carrier in Sz5 it stops the U.K from killing the Navy with airforce turn 1 and gives the germans a transport to either build defense in Norway or get Infantry to the front lines faster, I have also played anniversary edition and with U.K in Sz5 it destroys the Germans.
    So my questions are is a Carrier Ger1 a good buy or not? and second  if it is how would the U.K. go about killing it? I have two ideas on it, one is a airforce buy turn 1 and attack turn 2 along with the U.S airforce’s starting planes for backup, or a Uk buy naval buy for turn one and two while attacking Norway.

  • In A&A Revised, Baltic Carriers were popular among some people. For Revised, I generally didn’t like it as the Axis, loved to play against it as the Allies, but many people will disagree on whether or not it is a good idea. You’ll find probably dozens of threads on Baltic builds in the Revised section. I haven’t played much 1942 Edition so can’t say for sure good or bad, but my gut says no. A Baltic carrier somewhat separates the Allies from helping the USSR - quite an accomplishment. But in doing so, the USSR doesn’t need immediate help from their Allies and may even be able to advance to Ukraine.

    How would the Allies go about killing it? The generic counter of Baltic navies from Revised is to merge the British and American navies to take Norway between rounds 2 and 3 depending on game conditions. Before making their move on Norway, both of the Allies will probably land Algeria once or twice. While doing this, they want to prevent a German move to the English Channel, usually easy to do. Once the Allies move up to z6, all they need to be able to do is defend the North Sea against the combined air and naval attack. The Allies will funnel units into Norway to trade Karelia for the Soviets. When possible, take Norway with enough that Germany can’t trade it back. The British can typically afford to build 1-2 naval/air units a turn while keeping a flow into Northern Europe. Keep constant tabs on your odds at attacking the Baltic, if you see an opportunity to trade boats for German planes, go for it - just don’t leave your transports out to dry. Most likely, Germany will reach a point where they have to choose between saving Europe and the Baltic and they will undoubtedly choose Europe. They simply can’t keep up at sea.

  • In revised it was because the 1/3 baltic carrier added cheap defense to the fleet, and with the extra transports or subs, could threaten the UK such that they had to take it out (at a greater cost IPC than the germans).

    With the rule/cost changes, the carrier isnt as good. Nor does the transports provide easy fodder.

    It is still useful in AA50, and some strategies do use it there.

    But as AA42 is a cheap ripoff $$ wise, I refuse to buy it or play it. So you’ll have to factor that into my opinion…

  • I would only try it if Russia took only W. Russia and build 2 or less offensive pieces (say 5 inf, 1 art, 1 arm).  If Russia hits Belorussia or especially Ukraine and builds something like 3 inf, 3 arm, then you will have more immediate pressure from that front and should put more income toward ground units.

  • I like the Baltic carrier build. The case against it is that it’s five less inf moving towards Russia, but without a carrier, you’re going to use those Inf to defend the coast anyway. The only time I don’t build it, is if Russia’s first round attacks went really bad.

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