• Should I on the first turn playing as Germany attack UK with 3-4 fighters and one bomber; destroy their navy, while attacking USSR with tanks and one fighter?

  • i would recomend that if you are going after russia in G1, then forget the UK fleet and attack with all infantry, tanks and planes, believe me youll need them. if the star works then russia is done for by G2, G3 by the most. what i usually do is if im going on a russia all out assault i at least stak 1 or 2 turns of tanks and then go after the ruskies.

  • See, now i would say to do the opposite. Normally, what i try to do is take as much territory in africa as possible. if you dont attack egypt the first turn, you can take 2 infantry from italy and land them in libya and do it the next turn. i take out the battleship in the med sea. then i take out the large fleet in the north sea. it is pretty difficult to take karelia on the 1st turn unless the person you are playing against is bad. plus, even if you take it, will you be able to hold it? britain has 2 landing boats and fighters - chances are they may be able to retake it. i am of the opinion that as germany, the goal is to try to hold onto africa as long as possible, but eventually you will lose it. at the same time, fight a war of attrition and hold onto as much of your air power as possible, holding off the russians. the japanese have to take territory in russia for you to be successful.

  • Attacking UKs Navy is smart. It will help you in the long run. When it is the Japs turn take over Soviet far East. :wink:

  • If you are going to hit karelia do not bother attacking the UK fleet, unless for some reason Karelia is left with two infantry or something similar. I have seen beginning russian players play defensively (and foolishly) like that before, so it does happen.

    I tend to agree with guderian that taking territory in africa is important, while hitting the UK. Russia is usually not an option. However, I typically need the infantry I have in europe just to stay afloat, so in a no-bid game I usually will not transport to africa. Of course, in a no bid game it doesn’t matter too much what I do. Africa, and germany, will probably fall.

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