• Whats the average number of turns it takes before the first capital is captured?

    For simplicity let’s assume only standard 2nd edition rules and opponents of approximately equal ability. Additional comment welcome (i.e. “it takes more/less turns with the axis/allies,” etc…)

  • usually when all the players are experienced its quite difficult to advance unless a player suffers of bad dice rolling or does a big messup. but under normal conditions expect a long game

  • I think you are crazy gerard. A standard 2nd edition game? Okay, maybe berlin isn’t down by the 7th round, but the game should at least be over about then. Berlin should definitely be gone by round 10.

  • I find that often when all of the players are experienced, one of two things happen:

    1. it is very close for a very long time, and the game may go longer than 10 rounds
    2. by round 4 (or so) it is realized by both players that the game will likely go one way (or another) and one might as well save “playing it out to its most likely conclusion”.

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