• Picked up some Japanese troops today. In total I now have

    1 Type 95 tank 9 points
    1 Sergeant 9 points
    3 Arisaka Riflemen 9 points in total
    1 Type 92 MG team 7 points
    1 50mm mortar team 9 points
    3 47mm AT guns 21 points in total

    Grand total 64 points, 10 units

    Which leaves at most 5 units to soak up the remaining 36 points. The most obvious approach would be 4 more Type 95s, but this leaves what I wanted to be an infantry force too tank-heavy.
    Trouble is, absent any proper (ie expensive) tanks, it’s difficult to build up a large force iof infantry without bumping into the 15-unit limit. Or have I missed something?

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    Hey Nomad could you give pick of your army assembled? That has got to look sweet…


  • That’s the Japs

    that’s the Allies, and

    that’s the Axis.

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    those are sweet pics Nomad…

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    I would get:

    1 Sargeant
    3 Arisaki Riflemen
    1 Mortar Team
    1 Type 95 Ha-Go

    here is what I understand… Mortars get extra hits for each successful hit… Use 2 Mortars in Collaberation on Infantry that is in a Fortified or Covered position…


  • Well. we’re now upto

    2 Type 95 ‘tinks’ 18 points
    2 Sargeants 18 points
    4 Arisaka Riflemen 12 points in total
    2 Type 92 MG teams 14 points
    3 50mm mortar teams 27 points
    3 47mm AT guns 21 points in total

    110 points, enough for a standard scenario with a few variations. Hav’nt used it yet.

    (The Type 95 tank got miscalled a ‘tink’ on one occaision and it stuck - seems kind of appropriate, the noise its 37mm shells make bouncing off a Sherman)

    Breaking news check out the new Japanese and German snipers on the Avalon Hill site http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=ah/article/ah20051031c

    Bl**dy hell! Take cover….

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