• I am a novice player and i would like to know all the strats for Germany.

  • Check the strategy section.

  • Thanks

  • where is it?

  • where is it?

  • Do you play with bids?

  • @OpTorch:

    Do you play with bids?


  • Without bids the axis will have a very tough job trying to win this game.

  • It is generally agreed that in a normal game between two equally compentant players, the axis will lose around 19/20 times.
    If Russia is restricted from attacking in the first round, then the axis will lose around 3/4-4/5 times.
    So in order to even things out, the two players bid on who gets to play the axis. The lowest bid takes them. This player takes their bid in IPCs and uses it to purchase and place units.

    Anyway, as Germany, there is a lot wrong you can do in the first turn. The RIGHT thing to do all depends on your game plan. Do you wish to go big in Africa? Or are you going to force Russia into a holding pattern until Japan comes up the rear?
    If you want to take Africa, you might choose to place your bid in Libya and take Egypt full out. This means wiping out all naval forces in the Med, as well as the North Atlantic stuff. You may wish to leave CAU alone at this time.

    If you decide to go against Russia, then you may leave alone the sub in RED and go hard in CAU.
    Did you want specifics?

  • i would like to know all the strats for Germany

    I’m not certain it is possible to know all the strats as there always seems to be a new wrinkle out there. But with a bid, I can list a few ideas in general terms:

    1. Power Africa. Here the extra forces go into Africa in an attempt to take and keep Africa. The extra income from Africa is expected to enable Germany to either eventually overwhelm Russia or gain an economic victory.

    2. Power Europe. Here the extra forces goes into Europe in an attempt to either crush Russia in the early to mid game or to enable Germany to hold out defensively until Japan can defeat Russia.

    3. Operation Sea Lion. Here the extra forces goes into another transport in the Baltic Sea. Germany attempts to defeat England on G1 and take the capital. Usually Germany also rolls for tech on G1 hoping for long range aircraft and heavy bombers to assist in this attempt. This is not as good a way to play (IMO) as PA or PE, as the odds are still not great and the capture of the UK isn’t as decisive a victory as the capture of Russia because it is harder to defend the UK from the Allies retaking. But it might be fun to try sometime.

    4. Rolling for Tech. Here the idea is to use the bid to enable Germany to survive (think lots of infantry in Europe on this bid - almost a variation of PE) while buying a lot of technology. Germany hopes the technology gained (IT is most helpful here as Germany cannot afford to buy additional fighters or bombers or subs for a long while with this strat) will provide an edge sufficient to win the game.

    There are probably other ideas I’ve missed, and there are many variations on these themes (as well as bids to Japan) but this should give you an idea of the possibilities. 😎

  • Thanks 221b.
    While i appreciate that you are simply “listing options” - if it is alright, i’ll address two of them:
    3) i don’t like operation sealion. This is not a way i would want to win a game. It’s simply too formulaic. And if you take it, then you are virtually guarenteed a win. If you don’t - Germany is SCREWED!
    4) Even if you gamble and do quite well, i can’t see this benefitting over the extra 12 infantry in the early game - especially with the swarms of inf that Russia would have to throw at you.

  • CC:

    Yeah, I don’t like options 3 or 4 either. But they are possibilities that could be used.

    The PA or PE bids are the most conventional strats and generally both seem to give the Axis a good chance at winning.

    With operation sea lion, I’m not convinced that it is an automatic win because I think Russia will be all over Germany and the ipc’s Germany gains by the UK will be needed to keep the US out of England. But I haven’t played this strategy enough to really try it out.

    With rolling for tech, you are right, Germany had better get lucky soon with this. I think this would make for either a very short game (Germany doesn’t get IT) or a very long game (Germany gets IT). Again, I haven’t played this enough to really know how well it works.

    Feedback on these is a good thing because even if an idea is half-baked it still might be fun to try sometime 😉 .

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