• lol

    but the bad thing is is that my parents wont let me buy things off of the internet. i already thought of that. 8)

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    I feel like I’m the only one on these forums excited about A&A Minis. Oh, well.

    So my first impressions of the pieces, they were a lot smaller than I expected. You could actually use these pieces on the A&A boardgame maps. Which is actually kinda cool.

  • You’re wrong about that one, djensen. I’m excited about it as well. The only thing that bugs me is that the first release is composed of only land units. However, I trust that future releases will include air and sea units as well. How they will affect the rules? Beats the hell outta me…

  • Hi guys

    Bought A&A Miniatures Starter Pack and a couple of boosters last weekend. Got in a couple of games and some trading at my FLGS and had a blast!

    I’m not an A&A player - I mostly use Spearhead for WW2 gaming - and I’ve got one or two questions.

    Why is the Lee tank so expensive (37 points) compared to the Sherman(21)? Don’t get me wrong, I like Shermans - I’m doing late-war allies, I’ve got six of 'em - just puzzled. Also, why does the Lee get a Strike and Fade?

    Also, how does Strike And Fade work?
    Say I shoot first in the assault phase, and my Humber Scout Car machine guns some German infantry and then uses it’s Strike And Fade to reverse behind a wood to break line of sight to that big nasty Tiger, can the Tiger still shoot at the Humber?

  • Having been hit with several dice worth of insomnia, here’s what I’d like to see in the Eastern Front expansion;


    Infantryman with a Sub-Machine gun - range only 0-1, but buckets of anti-personnel dice

    Dushka Heavy MG team - extended range (1-10) and 3 anti-armour dice, a real threat to light AFV’s

    PTRS Anti-Tank rifle team - also a menace to light armour and a vicious sniping weapon (ignores cover, any hit on a soldier figure kills instantly?)

    Early war tanks - the BT7, with similar special actions to a Crusader, but even worse armour, and the T-28 making multiple anti-infantry attacks with its MG sub-turrets

    Late-war tanks - the T34/85, the JS2 and (run away and hide!) the JSU152 “Animal Killer”. The latter only fires once every second turn, and is like a sIG33 only much, much more so.

    The Germans…

    A desperately needed early-war medium tank, say a PzIIIG?

    The StuGIII, their most numerous “tank”

    A Panzerschrek team (like a Bazooka but a bit better)

    A Kubelwagen and

    A Pz35t to add a bit of local colour.

  • Okay, Nomad; first things first. It seems like you’ve obviously played the game before, so I’ve got a question. Have you heard official news that “Eastern Front” will be the next expansion? 'Cuz in my opinion, and I’ve already said this, but they need to release some air and sea units too. For example, with a naval expansion, maybe some of the map tiles will have a coastal setting on them? Or with an air expansion, maybe set up some of the tiles with airfields on them, which would be the only place planes can end their move. I just think that the game might get kind of old if it only involves land units… :wink:

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    I think like most CMG (collectible miniatures games) you won’t get the rule changing expansions right away.

    They want to build up the game first. Possibly test how planes could fit into the mix. Hype up a release with planes. And then have a major release around aircraft. I wouldn’t expect to see planes for at least 9 months to a year. But I do expect to see aircraft, somehow.

  • AgentOrange

    The Eastern Front expansion was from chatter at my FLGS by people who’d know more about such things than I do.

    You seem to be under a misapprehension over the scale of the game. Each hex represents 100 meters, each tank is one tank and each soldier stand one individual or a small group. It’s a skirmish game, very different from the strategic level of the A&A boardgame.
    The only way to realistically include warships bigger than landing craft would be as off-table Naval Gunfire Support as part of a Normandy, Iwo Jima or similar scenario. Even then, a tank troop or infantry platoon would not normally be able to call in those sort of assets, and a salvo from a battleship would likely eliminate everything on the table - on both sides. The game currently does not even include fire by off-table army artillery.
    Similarly - unless you’re doing something like the defence of Habbaniya (spelling?) airfield - aircraft will not take-off or land on the map.
    At the default level of 100 points, most German forces seemed to end up with one big vehicle - such as a Tiger or JagdPanther - plus lighter supporting elements. Just one rocket-firing Typhoon or Shturmovik could end a game like that really quickly.
    IMHO there’s plenty of fun to be had with this as a land-only game, and plenty of good naval and air games for those as want’s 'em. And there’s always classic A&A.

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    Hey Nomad, why not register?

  • djensen

    All in good time mate!

    More insomnia.

    I got a look at the French tank mini - Renault R35? - yesterday. I noticed it had a cross with indented arms painted on its tail.
    Wait up, I thought. That’s not French. It’s Romanian.
    A little checking revealed that the Romanian Army had over seventy R35s that they bought from France in the 1930’s.

    So, your R35 mini can fight as

    • French, allies, in 1940

    -Vichy French, axis, against the British in Syria in 1941 or the Brits and Americans in Tunisia in 1942

    • Romanian, axis, as German allies against the Russians in 1941-44

    • Romanian, allied, as Russian allies against the Germans in 1944-5

    • German, captured, 1941 onwards.

    • French, allies, in 1944 (they hid a few and dusted them off after D-Day).

    For that matter the Syrians used some R35s against the Israelis in 1948, and the Israelis captured several and used them right back….

    When fighting alongside the Russians, the Romanians were still using lots of German kit including PzIVs.

    In the same vein, there was a short - lived Australian Tank Regiment in Lybia in 1941 equipped with captured Italian medium tanks (they all had to be scuttled as the British didn’t have the diesel fuel to run them), and the British Guards Armoured Division had a ‘pet’ Panther tank named Cuckoo that saw action against its former owners in 1945.

    Anyone know any better examples?

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