Dive Bombers

  • What do you think of the idea of Dive Bombers? It’s very simple really, you take a fighter piece and paint it a specified or put a flag disk underneath, to identify it. It still moves the same range as a fighter but is able to attack at a 4 and defend at 1. The cost for it is the same as a fighter, 12 IPC. The reason for the coast is that it is the same size and is not harder to build than the fighter. They can not be used for strategic bombing because they are too small. They can land on and be transported on aircraft carriers. This will give the surface fleet a much more realistic amount of attack power.

    If you have any suggestion for this idea, feel free to let me know. 😄

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    I like the Idea, it could give Carriers some offencive power.

  • I would have them defend on a 2 and only be usable on carriers as a balance. The reason I see them as a 2 on defense is because they can be scrambled if attacked by a fleet and still be effective.

    Alternately they could have one attack value vs. ships and another vs. all else.

  • fox-thats really groovy idea. i agree with the low defense, but it should like maybe 3 or a 2, but not a 1. dive bombers or torpedo bombers were slow but not that slow.(look at the battle of midway) i like the little disk under it idea too.

  • almost any plane can be a dive bomber. 4fu corsairs were loaded with bombs and sent to do close combat support. everyone is trying to make up rules for things that are already taken into account. if you have an amphibious assault its pretty much implied that paratrooper may be included, but they do nothing different from a normal infantry. fighter planes can be equipped with bombs. Heavy tanks would be mixed with light and medium tanks and an armor unit is an unit of equal strength.

  • 69- good point. i guess people like to make up rule for things that they see as glaring holes in the rules or cool stuff, like paratroopers, that should be added. anyway, yeah i agree with you

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