The delay before the USA enters action

  • I got this idea from looking at the Revised board … I noticed that the USA is further from France and England (ie, it’s now 3 spaces away, so it’ll take the USA 2 turns to get to Europe).

    So I started wondering, is it a good idea to keep the USA out of action for even longer?

    Meaning, (and this is the real question), should the distance from the USA to Europe be longer? Should it take them longer to get there? (Should the Atlantic Ocean be wider?)

  • it would work towards balancing axis and allies a little more. Not sure how much. More the longer the game lasts I guess is the easiest answer.

    But its not much of an issue since its impractical to consider changing the board.

  • Actually, I was thinking of just using thin strips of electrical tape to make more sea zones. Especially down around the tip of South America, and New Zealand … the blow-up boxes cover up some of the seazones, and it doesn’t make sense for a ship to be able to cover that distance in hardly any moves!

  • <groan>it looks as though when I changed the title of the topic, it started messing around with my poll. (It went from 1 yes and 1 no, to no poll at all, to 2 yes and 2 no, to no poll (again), to 3 yes and 3 no). I can’t seem to get it back to 1 yes and 1 no. So just pick anything ;)</groan>

  • They needed to put more space in, there was no real battle for the Atlantic. The whole ocean could be gone across in one movement in the other game. Now instead of the Allies only having to protect the UK sea square they have to protect shipping lanes. BUT, they balanced this out by making transports able to carry more.

    Good Idea, Great applicaction.

  • I really don’t think it’s necessary. It would just make for a more boring game for the U.S. player. I’d love to see convoy zones or some such thing.

  • It does a couple of things which really hurt the Allies. They can no longer send naval units directly to guard the UK seazone. I haven’t looked at the board, but if East Canada is still within a movement of the UK, then ferrying troops across the Atlantic would still be the same. Does it also place the US farther from Africa?

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