Parallel Universe/Blue States Secession…Your Ideas/Humor

  • Please, read this before voting. Thank you!

    Ground( Ooops! :oops: ) Earth Rules( Ooops! :oops: ) Limitations

    1. Designate whether your idea is thoughtful or humorous.
    2. Positive/Humorous suggestions for others universi are acceptable. Otherwise leave it out.
    3. Canadian/Mexican input/ideas are welcome following all other rules. Civil Wars or potential Civil Wars have a tendency to spill over the borders economically, psychologically and/or physically in the modern world.
    4. You agree to abide by The Founding Poster’s Earth Limitations, including but not limited to said Earth Limitations, including all additional Earth Lmitations posted, in the past or future, in this or other universi, as well as the Moderator(s) directions.
    5. Any violation of the Earth Limitations on this thread/forum/string shall be met with a stern look and a suggestion to seek inner peace.

    One suggested point to cover in your thesis is…
    What happens to Washington, DC?

    Oh, and if you must have a…
    SOURCE :
    (Not the best I’ver seen, but it’ll have to do.)

    May you continue to have inner peace.
    May you continue to seek a deeper understanding of your place in the universi.
    May your DNA makeup grant you as much additional time as needed to attain your completeness.
    May give the help you are able willingly and receive the help you need graciously.

    • Amin

  • boss, are you ok?

  • Politically correct sarcasm(an oxymoron[no comments , please!]) carried to the extreme.

    Yet I find it odd that no one had a joke or serious comment such as is going around…

    SOURCE :

    A map of the United States of Canada(Canada, East and Left coast US,and the Upper Midwest US) has been circulated. Jesusland (the remainder of the US) is located directly south of the USC.

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