Whats your favorite way to set up an island invasion?

  • Heres the scenario: You have your opponent beaten, but they are on an island (either Japan or UK) and have built it up with lots of infantry along with some fighters. They refuse to concede and assuming a house rule that victories can’t be economic. Whats the quickest, best, and/or most fun way to finish the game? Generally I go for either the tank only assualt to soften them up, or for the beer assualt 😄 . Depends on who I am playing with.

  • This is a no brainer in FTF play like in dating its best to get your opponents nice and drunk. I remember winning games against both Bubbadust and StormSS of the AAMC due to their consumption. Of course this is rather an unfair advantage to me as I don’t drink.

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    Step 1)

    Invade with 1 infantry and support with as many BBs as you can get.

    Step 2)

    Blow the heck out of the factories.

    Step 3)

    Get as many allied bombers and fighters there to pound the defenders into oblivion.

    This assumes that the island territory in question is either Japan or UK and that they are the last to fall.

  • jennifer- i like your way of doing things! but if you are trying to take say the phil. i would use 3 trans w/ 2 tanks and 2 inf an ac w/ 2 birds and as many bb as you can spare. try and create a task force. go forth and destroy the “bad guys”

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  • #1 SBR to prevent them from continuing to stack, often times spending for tech to get heavy bombers.

    #2 Build a heavy Allied invasion force

    #3 Go in with a hammer, I don’t like whittling at the forces, just hold them in a static spot and build an overwhelming force, lots of little battles to whittle them down takes time.

  • Get heavy bombers.

  • Use the methodical filibuster technique.

    Respond to his refusal to quit by dragging out the game even more. Put a ton of bombers near his island so he can never build any navy. Then make it your goal to put 6 units in every territory on the board. Then, 3 hours later, begin the island assaults with minumal forces. Make your opponent more bored than you are - fight fire with fire.

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    In this situation I generaly take my time building troops in the ratio of 1Bmb - 2Trn - 4Inf

    I usualy drink several celibratory beers and when I have enough troops to take the island in one battle I go for it. In the mean time I strat bomb. I usualy don’t get in a hurry, just make sure you have some good tunes playing and the beer is flowing freely.

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