• i maintain, the two term limit should not exist. if the people will it, than in a democracy, it should be done. bill clinton would still be in office if there were no limit, of this i am sure.

  • Bush did not personally order the destruction of ballot boxes. IF anyone did that, it would probably be Cheney. I don’t think Bush has a wicked bone in his body, he may or may not be foolish and brash, but I don’t think he has the intention of harming the US Gov’t or it’s citizens.

    Yes so b/c daley is someone you don’t like he must personally have a hand in this, but when its Bush he doesn’t. I would argue a better case could be made against Bush in Florida b/c his bro is gov there. Daley could always blame a ‘bad egg’ aid. However, in neither instances is this a valid excuse, and really just to absolve the guilty among those who would support them.

    Smith, if you get caught in a scandal, the proper thing to do is resign, or you could be like our beloved Bill, and stay in office.

    Then why don’t the republicans do this? Note that they only resign when its a sexual scandal b/c they have to. If you are the moral authority and get caught doing something immoral then you have no choice, and in fact to stay in would only damage yourself and your advocates more.

    Mr. Ryan’s only impropriety was wanting to have Sex with his Wife. He just didn’t want to reveal that they attended social gatherings of an adult nature. But he didnt want to have sex with other people or let her do the same. When she said no, he dropped it.

    No that’s a very simplistic interpretation. What I hear was he wanted to ‘swing’ and she didn’t. Of course he being the moral authority and her the corrupt hollywood neophite this could only be spun so much thereby causing the resignation.

    Daley on the other hand, would burn the flesh off his own screaming mother if it meant he could get 4 more years in office.

    And bush would probably be willing to kill or have killed another 1000 Americans. What happened to compassionate conservativism, or his ‘love’ of Americans. Oh wait he never said he loved Americans only America. So I guess he was being compassionate by giving those 1000 a quick death.

    I think the point would be to just NOT engage in a scandle…or is that too simplistic for the Dems and Reps to do???

    Go Nader! (hey, I view it like this, if you are voting for the lesser of two evils, you are still voting for evil, right? Why not throw your vote on a 3rd party and vote against ALL evil!)

    Well there are two problems here. One is that the judgement of what is scandal is usually made by the opposition party and therefore incredibly biased, and two the most virtuous presidents have been the worst ie Hoover, Carter, and perphaps even LBJ. In recent years there have emerged journals from Lincolns earlier years involving some of his sexual escapades in Springfield as a young attorney/congressman, and were authored not by himself, but by his friends and townspeople.

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