• I vote Tie. Nuthing that really mattered. Bush lied about Osama. I think it’s a big deal, but I don’t think it was enough to win.

    The attacks have started. Oh well. Avote for Bush is a vote for more of that crap. Yeah…

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    As you could have guesed I voted for the President.

    For the record Kerry Lied, unless you missed that bit were he said that fewer people got pell grants and then said well yeah maybe a million more pell grants were given out but… and who gives a crap you just lied watermelon head! And you admitted it!

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    Bush lied about Osama.

    No he didn’t that comment was taken out of context. I remember when he said it. He said that Osama wasn’t something that he was concerned about because he had done what he could and the problem was being taken care of. Nothing to lose sleep over.

  • im too tired to post my thoughts on the debate right now, but i will later…

  • '19 Moderator

    Actualy I have a bit of a buzz, which is propably why I am posting so much so I will probably be clearer tomorrow.

    Damn kentucky bourbon!

  • Dzrt,
    This time I disagree on substance. I saw the original interview when it happened. At the time I went nuts. It was not out of context. He was trying to minimalize the importance of Osama getting away. It bugged me then and it still bugs me.

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    Well I don’t know what to say, I saw and heard it differently.

  • Nuthin to say man. We have different perspectives. It’s cool. All I am saying is I disagree based on what I saw. This one is not black and white. Intent plays into it.

  • @Lizardbaby:

    This time I disagree on substance…

    I don’t disagree on “substance”. I like kentucky bourbon. :lol:

  • '19 Moderator

    Stuka, you know Berkley’s not that far If you want to get to gether fo ra game some time let me know. I’ll have a couple of the boys together and we can sip some whiskey and roll some dice. 😉

  • @dezrtfish:

    Stuka, you know Berkley’s not that far If you want to get to gether fo ra game some time let me know. I’ll have a couple of the boys together and we can sip some whiskey and roll some dice. 😉

    That’s sounds great dezrt. 🙂 But Phoenix? :-? That’s pretty damn far…

  • I voted Kerry; definitely believe he won all of the elections.

    Never really been into politics, could just tell that he did the better job !

    Glad Bush was in it though, heh heh very entertaining 🙂

  • I say Bush; this was definitely his strongest debate (although #2 was very good too), and he actually surprised me with how well he came off in the debate-format it was in.

    Kerry’s body language was so stiff that I had the other people watching the debate with me laughing their heads off at my robot impersonation while he was speaking :lol: ;).

  • Bush, he has improved alot since Debate #1…I think this was a strategic victory for him!

  • Bush still blinks way to much. I figure its like a subliminal message in morse code or something.

  • LOL!! Funny, Lizard :lol:.

    See, I can take a joke about my candidate… 😉

  • Not funny, have you ever given a speech in front of millions of people? :roll:

  • Im gonna go with a tie hear, and I agree with Lizard here (gasp!). Not on the Lying Osama part, which is really a non-issue, like alot of Kerry’s stupid comments (like his 'global test" comment, for example. He didnt mean that we have to get 38/40 on some international test made by France, he just meant that we need to live up to international standards. He wont give veto power to France, althought he will listen to the UN alot more than bush, something I disagree with). I agree with Dzert on the context of the Bush quote, he was saying that at this point, he really isnt important, and our special forces are doing all we can to capture him, so Bush can focus elsewhere. Like Iraq.
    Anyway, back to me agreeing with Lizard. This debate, like, well, every debate this election, provided little in the form of actual substance. Most of it was jsut the same rhetoric from both sides, and while it was nicely compiled in one 90 minute span, it wasnt illuminating. It matters on style and soundbites, I guess, so it will have some political influence, but it didnt say anything new about the candidates policies, really.

  • have you seen kerry’s hand gestures while he talks? he recycles the same 7-10 or so over and over. they dont even match with what he is saying! its like the Robin Williams’ impression of a football referee

    while dancing wildly, and making random hand gestures
    Robin: Too much commercial time! Bad White men dancing on the field! Moving away, moving away!


  • @Janus1:

    have you seen kerry’s hand gestures while he talks?

    I know, they are wild, I think he does it to just look intelligent!

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