Animal fights, part 2

  • No comment necessary. Just read part 1. This time, it’s water based animals. The site’s most popular choice is by far Killer Whale (more than a third of all votes), and I agree with it. The site has a picture of one playing with a 12 foot hammerhead shark that happened to be its prey, it’s fast as hell, tactical and extremely intelligent (they belong to the dolphin family), and it doesn’t die when it stops moving like a shark does. If you ask me, it’s the world’s ultimate natural predator.

  • Sperm Whale is pretty tough. Plus it’s capable of diving much deeper. So depending on the location it could change the outcome.

  • pirahna, to small for the big dudes to get a hold of, he just swims around and nibles away.

  • On a side note: if a small fierce animal like a badger, wolverine, or hyena was swallowed whole by a whale or something, could it tunnel all the way out of the whale’s body to freedom?

  • i dont know, how long can they survive underwater? and how focused on fighting would they be once they are swallowed?

    as to the piranhas, they should be put as a group. you dont get just once. and a group of them could probably take on the others.

  • My initial thought would be giant squid, but Sperm Whales have a habit of eating those things for lunch. So my vote is for the Sperm Whale.

  • I’m surprised nobody else voted the Orca. I think speed, cleverness and ability to get complete surprise wins every time. Plus, the things are huge and their style kicks ass. Just check out the simulated killer whale vs. alligator and also see the pic of one playing with a hammerhead shark. The thing is just awesome.

  • 2019 Moderator

    I voted for the Squid because in it’s home environment few of the others could survive.

    Orca’s are bad ass though the only animal known to kill for amusement. Well besides humans like me. 😄

  • Orca’s are bad a** though the only animal known to kill for amusement.

    Orcas are cool, definitely, but I can’t see an Orca taking down a Giant Squid. They may be fast, but they’re not fast enough to avoid 12 arms coming at you :lol:.

    Also, I think cats (mainly the house ones, but possibly also the big cats) kill for pleasure too. Ever seen one with a mouse? 😮

  • 2019 Moderator

    I think house cats kill because they have the leftover instinct of a hunter, but no Idea why or what to do with their prey.

    I have seen video of an Orca brutally destroying a seal by flinging it in the air over and over.

  • I read a news article once where an orca simply killed a shark without trouble. Then again, I’ve heard of dolphins killing sharks too.

  • I think a Sperm Whale could kill a Killer Whale because it would take a Killer Whale way to long to finish off the Sperm Whale. It just could not do enough damage before it got tired. A couple good chomps from the Sperm Whale would kill the Orca. Pretty much the same would be true of the others as well. Except the Pirahnas I suppose, but can you imagine the size of school it would take to kill a Sperm Whale!?

  • I own a pirhana, so again, I vote pirahna!

  • its relatively easy to kill a shark, hit the gills. this will stun/injure the shark.

    if you can hold them in place, they will simply suffocate, and otherwise you could just tear them apart.

  • 2019 Moderator

    Relatively easy for an Orca maybe, I don’t think I will go out and try it though. 😉

  • My question is why the HELL are there 2 votes for a jellyfish? Guys, come on!!! :-? :x 🙂

  • because everyone else will eat him and die.

  • That is not fully true marine… :roll:

    Everything has a predator in the ocean, there is something on that list that could eat the Jellyfish without dying. 😉

    But not all of the Jellyfish stings. Only there spaghetti like legs(I’m not sure if you call them flagella on a Jelly…)can sting you! 🙂

    So therefore, something could eat the top of it and weaken it enough that it can’t do anything! 🙂

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