Animal fights, part 1

  • This is sort of related to war like A&A so I figured you guys might be interested in this poll. It’s taken from Prof. Bob’s Animal Fights (, a fictional (I think…) account of animals at war with each other. It’s got some interesting results; be sure in particular to check out cat vs. alligator and polar bear vs. hornets.

    Pick your winner! 🙂 I personally can’t choose, but the site’s most popular choice is the African Elephant. But you really have to take into account whether others would team up against it or not too I think. As for me, I’ll always believe the lion is the king of the jungle - but only because nothing else that could probably successfully displace it has really done so en masse!

  • It would also matter where the fight took place. If the other animals fought the Polar Bear in Sub Zero temperatures they would freeze to death and all the Bear would have to do is wait for em to die.

  • 2019 Moderator

    Not to mention the Polar bears kick ass anyway. what does a polar bear eat? Any thing it wants!

  • You think one could kill an elephant if temp wasn’t a factor? I’d say it’s a tough call to say how anything would kill an elephant on land. They’re so huge none of the predators could get above their legs, which I doubt would do all that much considering how tough they are anyway. Something for which it takes a pride of lionesses to kill a baby has to be tough.

    My vote actually went to the giant egg-footed moose hawk because it’s able to fly, nothing else really would have a way to kill it, and it’s probably the one thing that could take an elephant. I’ve heard of them fighting sperm whales and winning. Unfortunately I’d imagine the species in that site’s poll is extinct, and that site is really the only one that describes anything about it. I guess today the condor is probably the biggest surviving bird of prey.

    That site also claims that the group containing wolverines, badgers and the like are actually the most aggressive, not cat or wolf types; although this didn’t keep their honey badger from losing to a tiger or wolverine to a lion, it’s interesting to note this claim.

  • I have to day badger, only because you didnt put squirrels on the poll. A squirrel would win any one of those fights.

  • Squirrels? Wow, marine…

    I never thought I’d see the day. Someone has officially amazed me. 🙂

  • I’ll take an Elephant any day.

    Polar Bear? I’d like to see it’s answer to tusks 🙂

  • actually APolaris, the group containing wolverines and badgers is the most agressive. wolverines and badgers, to use laymans terms, will throw down at the drop of a hat. they have a feral temperment, and are simply vicious. they arent as large as lions or tigers, or as strong, so it doesnt surprise me that they would lose.

    i wanna see rhino on that list. i think a rhino would kick the elephants ass. thick armor, speed and bulk, plus the horn? please… 😉

  • I’m thinking the crocodile. They’re fast (especially in the water), vicious, and have a heck of a bite. Not to mention they’re so cool :D.

  • Janus: I agree about the rhino! I’m surprised personally they didn’t include it. But I imagine a lion or a bear with surprise could probably take one.

    War_Nut: I have to agree with the fights site that on land, a croc approaching an elephant, once the elephant stopped retreating, would simply get its head stepped on. But I have heard of crocs killing lions and tigers in the wild, usually when there’s water nearby, and in fact saw a TV show one time on Discovery depicting how an actual fight might go, where the croc won by dragging a lion underwater and doing its infamous “death spin.” The cats win without water nearby I’d say, by from behind tearing out the croc’s vision and flipping it to its soft underbelly.

    Personally I think they should include a lioness vs. lion fight… although I think the lioness would win: lioness = hunter, lion = lazy mofo who waits for his woman to feed him, unless he’s fighting another male, a tiger or a croc. Crocs by the way must be a lot tougher than gators; according to one of the site’s “expert sources” (I’m not sure how sincere this source is), “The gator will always win against small mammals such as bunnies, kitties, poodles, kids & coons. Gators lose against rednecks (emphasis added). Small gators lose against large bass, coons, turtles & wading birds. Gator Vs shark, gator wins. Gator Vs hippo, hippo hands down. Gator Vs anaconda or large boa (as was filmed in the Glades a years or so ago) it better be a large gator. I heard it was a 12’-15’ boa & an 8’ gator came to a draw.”

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    I’ve seen a gator and a croc side by side. Granted they were 3 feet long, bu tthe gator was much more agressive. As for rednecks, hell nothin’ beats a redneck!

    And yeah I think a Polar Bear could kill an elephant. It might die later but the polar bear could disembowel an elephant quick as you please, and then chew up the mushy goodness. The polar Bear is the largest land preditor on the earth and if it wanted Elephant it could have it!

  • The polar Bear is the largest land preditor on the earth and if it wanted Elephant it could have it!

    I’m leaning towards agreeing with that, but a Grizzly Bear is actually bigger than a Polar Bear (it’s about as tall, but it’s wayyyy wider, not to mention more ferocious). I think a Grizzly could take 'em all down :D.

  • 2019 Moderator

    I think you may be confused, Griz is a smaller mountain subspecies of the brown Bear. Polar Bears are the Bigger cousin.

  • Well, according to that site, the average length of a Polar Bear is 8’4", whereas the top length of a Brown Bear is 9’6"… Still, in terms of ferocity, I don’t think you can beat a Grizzly :D.

  • I have a bengal cat, which is supposedly 1/2 asian snow leopard, therefore, I vote Bengal tiger, I dont know the relation, but that is my favorite!

  • Polar bear is the largest land predator. the difference is, Polar Bears are natural predators, they hunt and kill animals, seals. Grizzlies do hunt and kill animals, but they would be content to live off of “salad”.

  • Every time I find a site about animal fighting, the question it’s ALWAYS asked most often is “What would win in a fight between a tiger and a lion?” Some sites claim the tiger is longer, while the lion is taller at the shoulder and more muscular. Some others claim tigers are bigger in every way. Most say the tiger was built for speed and hunting, while the lion evolved with fighting in mind (lionesses are the hunters). One site said King Henry II used to hold fights in the Tower of London frequently, with the lion usually winning. Most websites I’ve checked seem to rate the lion as more ferocious and say that its mane would prevent the throat-chasing attack of the tiger. Those that claim tigers are larger are usually the ones that claim a tiger would win, but the frequent consensus seems to be lion. Thoughts on this?
    Also, here’s an interesting question: what wins - grizzly vs. polar bear? I’m going by pure fighting instinct and style, speed, muscle, etc. here rather than only size. Assuming temp. was not a factor, I would pick the polar bear to win anyway since they have more practice killing (i.e. less on the herbivorous end).

  • I’d have to pick the tiger in the tiger vs. lion; they are bigger and faster, and do more actual killing then a male lion anyway. The mane would be a problem, but I think the tiger could rip out the lion’s belly pretty fast.

    As for the grizzly vs. polar bear, I have to vote grizzly; a polar bear may have more experience fighting, but I’m sure a grizzly is naturally more aggressive. Take Lewis and Clark’s telling of what happened when they met a grizzly :P.

  • Are not male lions lazy? my thought is he wouldnt defend himself until too late.

  • marine, again you are wrong, I see a vicious cycle! :lol:

    You only see lions at zoos. In the wild, they are no where near lazy… :roll: 😛

  • no, they pretty much are. the lionesses do the hunting, the male lion is sorta like the pimp with all his hoes.

  • i dont go to the zoo mutha, i watch national geographic! 🙂

  • @Janus1:

    no, they pretty much are. the lionesses do the hunting, the male lion is sorta like the pimp with all his hoes.

    LMAO! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Sounds like us eh’ J1?

  • Lions are lazy - when it comes to hunting. But they’ve naturally been built to fight other male lions in competition, and therefore tend to be better suited for purely fighting with other predators, although whether one would take initiative against a tiger is doubtful in my mind.

    Here is another interesting site:
    I think this one gives pretty good analysis, as do others. But they’ve often conflicted in comparing the sizes of the two cats. Some say lions stand taller and are more muscular, but less lengthy, while others say tigers are bigger in every way. This confuses me so I don’t know what to think. I do know grizzlies are bigger than both and not as fierce as either.

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