• What should USA buy on their first turn? 4 subs to attack Japan if Pearl Heavy was done? 3 trn + 4 inf to start up shuck-shuck? Should US always ignore Japan?

  • I am yet to play or play against a highly effective Japan First US strat, unless you count marching infantry for Karelia to Manchuria as part of shuck-shuck.

    I usually start of with the transports and inf. As the US, you must get actively involved in the war immediately.

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    Usually Trans and INf to land on Germany… Of course I am an All-out-Germany fan so that probably explains it :wink: …


  • i gotta’ admit - i kind of like the aerial assault choice here. Even the wolf-pack looks kind of fun.
    i think that the shuck-shuck is the best way to defeat the axis, however i can see how these other choices would be fun.

  • IMO the US should almost always ignore Japan, but for the best A1 purchase that depends on other factors. Sometimes I will go 4inf 3trn if I feel that I will not be able, nor want to land in Spain on turn 3. Other times I will go for AC 2trn if the German luftwaffe is too strong, and other times I will go 5inf arm/6inf 2trn if I think I can sneak the WUS trannie to the Atlantic thereby saving me the need to purchase 3trannies on US1. However, the objective for the US is clear go to Africa on turn2. Unless Germany can be routed from Africa early the Allies are vulnerable to defeat.

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    I like:

    1. 2 trns, 1 ftr, 2 inf save 2 or
    2. 3 trns, 4 inf

    I do one of these 2 probably 90% of the time, and the other times usually would involve an AC for the Atlantic if UK doesn’t buy one.
    Also I usually try to bring the Pac ships to the Atlantic as well.

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    As for ignoring Japan, I usually do. But on occasion I have used a US Pacific focus/KJF, most recently in my 4th game against Kobu last year, it’s in the Games Section.

    The basic key is ignoring Europe. As US you CANNOT do both, it is either Europe or Japan. I can’t stress that enough.

    Here’s what I try and do:
    US 1 - buy air - 2 or 3 ftrs, maybe 4 inf, make it look as if you’re going to Europe, trn with 2 inf to UK sz/or Afr, Pac ships to Pan sz like they are going to the Atlantic.

    US2 - buy AC and subs for WUS sz, move back ships to WUS sz from Pan sz

    US 3 - buy at least 1 sub, 1 trn - matching any Japan naval purchases, buy 2 inf for the trn.
    Take back HI if you lost it, move any inf towards Ala

    US 4 - consider buying AC/ftrs, otherwise go 1 or 2 subs and trn with inf.
    Take the solomon islands, with as much of the fleet needed to protect all ships. Make sure Japan’s navy can’t beat yours. You should have at least 1 BB, 1 AC, with 2 ftrs, 2 subs, 2 trns. Use excess subs to block a Japanese assault on the Sol Is sz and HI.
    This will be your “Southern Base”, since you can reach multiple islands from here.

    US 5,6,7 and on - continue buying 1 sub, 1 trn, and inf and look for the oppurtunity to buy that second AC, as you should have 4 ftrs. Don’t forget your bomber too.

    You start a pattern of sending out sacrificial trns with 2 inf to pick off islands with your air, while a new sub with 2 new inf arrive in the Solomons. Let Japan go after your lone trannies, you may shoot down some ftrs and if they use lone subs, your air can eliminate them.

    Use excess subs to block Japan’s navy and protect your main fleet at the Solomons while new ships and inf get placed in WUS.

    Japan can’t make a credible threat to the WUS without you being able to move your entire fleet back to protect.

    Now when Japan moves it’s fleet South to start taking back some islands, leave some blocker subs and head back to WUS where you just made a tran and inf purchase (1 or 2 trns, rest inf). You should have at least 5 trns with your fleet and the ability to get more than 10 inf to Ala your next turn.

    Then you go to Ala with fleet and 10 inf. Japan will have to pull back the bulk of it’s fleet to protect Japan. Now you have to bide your time, sending out blocker subs, a trn here or there should still try go to the South Pacific and pick up lone islands. But still send 1 sub, 1 trn with inf to Ala each round. Unless you think you really out class Japan’s navy.

    You should have 2 AC’s, 4 ftrs, 1 BB, 6+subs, 6+trns. Now send what trns with inf you can to SFE, with whatever subs you need to defeat any Japanese blocker sub in the SFE sz. Take SFE with 10 inf (assuming you have enough ships to left protect your fleet in the Ala sz).

    If you ever have the oppurtunity to eliminate Japan’s fleet - take it!

    You should start a shuck-shuck type system from Ala to SFE, but maintain naval and air superiority at all cost.

    If you can safely move your fleet to the SFE sz take that so you can transport 8-10 inf from Ala to SFE a turn. You should still be able to send ‘blocker’ subs to prevent Japan from heading to the WUS.

    You should earn a min of 32 IPC, and you can get in the high 30’s briefly as I’ve taken the Phil Is, East Indies, Bor, NG, even Fic or Kwa. Never all at once, unless the game is basically over, but each at differnet times.

    You can really slow down Japan and keep them earning low 30’s or even high 20’s. And if they are buying ships that means no inf to go against Russia. Russia can even sneak in later and take Fic/Kwa or Man at times.

  • Darth, thanks for the in depth look at a KJF strat, don’t seem to see enough about it.

    Does anybody here like to go for early tech with US?

  • NO I don’t like early tech with America nor do I like early air purchases and least of all a fighter. What does a fighter really get you anyway, sure it adds a defensive bonus, but for the nation that can easily produce between 10-12 inf I’m not sure it is best. I’ve often see the UK become a non factor as the Axis can target them early and reduce them to under 24ipcs at which point inf is less valuable except to retake Africa. However, that brings me back to my point I see it as imperative for the Allies to remove the Germans from Africa as soon as possible for this reason and this reason alone I think you need America to move in as the Uk should not have a credible fleet to use until turn 3. By which time Germany can have consolidated their hold on Africa. For this reason America should almost always purchase inf and trannies early, and never air.

  • Smith - i think i mostly agree with you. At the same time, consider that the first-turn fighter gives you an “early” defensive bonus. I’d say that given the fact that the allies due to their economic advantage would wish to prolong the game as long as poosible. Providing Russia/Britain with this fighter, and using it strategically depending on the G/J first moves would not always be a waste.

  • At the same time, consider that the first-turn fighter gives you an “early” defensive bonus.

    But the Allies do not need an early defensive purchase. If played right the Germans should not be able to take Karelia until turn 5 or 6 at the earliest, and this is without fighter purchases. So considering this longterm reality the shorterm is of no consequence. In my experience the Allies win by limiting/reducing Germany’s ipc level and then reducing their income. With this in mind I’d say a bomber or a carrier is always a better purchase because of their obvious uses.

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