Germany strategy, impossible to beat…..

  • Germany spend 12 first IPC`s on 1 tank, 1 artillery and 1 man and places them near the russion border.
    Germany buys 8 tanks first round and takes east poland, non combat gerany places everything as close to belorussa as they can.
    All your planes are attacking east-poland and land in bessarabia or poland. You take some ships with your subs, but really dont give a shit about the water, let UK and USA take it.
    In non if you managed to take the UK transporter in easterd mediteranian, you empty south europe, moving every unit against russia. You also move all men in russia towards russia ( make sure you have enough defence so that UK/USA can invade you on the first round, but 4-5 men + the tanks you keep buying are enough the 3-4 first round ).

    If russia stack all forces in belorussa you attack the second round and should win that fight without a problem. Russia then have around 28 units, moslty men there. You can attack with over 25 units, including mainly tanks and fighters, and will have 2-3 tanks left if it goes REALLY bad.
    You keep buying tanks and move them + men from southern europe against russia. Next round russia will either counter the tanks in belorussia or move every unit they got into moscov.

    Germany keep waving moscov with everything they got and it should fall either the third of fourth german round. UK will not have time to transport units to assist Russia, and they are still no real threat to Germany capitol.

    Me and my brother will try to work together with the allies tomorrow, him also beeing Germany, to see if it is possible to stop even when we know what germany is going to do.

  • That’s a good strategy, with one little problem. Russia has 24 IPCs at the start; if he uses them to buy 8 Infantry, and places them all in Moscow, and does for a couple of turns, there is no possible way Germany can take Moscow. Russia can let all the rest of the country go to hell, he’ll keep Moscow. Heck, he can win even without losing the rest of the country, if UK and America are doing their job. So try that in your game; your brother might be surprised ;).

  • The problem is that UK and USA dont have enough time to do theyr job. If russia stacks everything in bellorussia germany win on 4 turns, if they stack in Moscov germany wins on 5 turns.

  • I also thin you underestimate the power of attacking on 3 vs defending on 2. The tanks slaughter the men.

  • I wouldn’t count on that; let’s say the Germans reach Moscow on turn four. By that time, assuming Russia has bought nothing but Infantry for the past turns, and placed it all in Moscow, he should have around thirty Infantry. The Germans, assuming they have been buying all Tanks, should have bought around thirty-six Tanks. The Russians won’t have lost any Infantry in Moscow, but the Germans will have suffered pretty bad looses while they were marching through the other Russian territories. So let’s assume the Germans have a maximum of thirty tanks for the assault on Moscow, while the Russians have thirty Infantry, a fighter, and maybe a couple tanks. I would place money on the Germans losing that battle, or at least winning it with such horrific losses that the Russians can strike back and retake it. Plus, if England is buying fighters and, more importantly, bombers, he can conduct serious SBRs, and strafing attacks on German tanks, Infantry, and Industrial Complexes, greatly reducing German fighting capacity.

  • RaideN: that strategy on the face of it is not good and doesnt really work well. By the time you hit Moscow and they have 30 guys there all yrou tanks will go down and you wont be too happy. There is now way to take Moscow in that short of time unless whoever is playing Russia is an idiot. Simply buying tanks sounds good but it not that pratical . Germany has to get massive amounts of infantry with tanks to the front period. Even if all Russia does is fall back to Moscow immediately you cannot take that soon in the way your are talking about.

  • If Germany has been building only tanks and Russia has been building only inf and the allies have managed to fly all of their fighters to Russia (and Russia has kept Leningrad by placing the initial 4 inf there), then Russia has a good chance of killing the tanks on counterattacks because the tanks only defend at a 2. This is a key strategy if Germany is only building tanks.

    What I have found to be a very good German strategy is to use subs and planes to take out as much allied navy as you can, and build 2 rounds of infantry and then 1 round of tanks and then just inf for the rest of the game. On the first couple of rounds, attack Russia with everything that can reach and maybe leave 1 inf in Greece etc. to deter UK attack on Southern Europe. On the first round, leave just 3 inf in each of France and Belgium, collect all tanks from Western and Central Europe onto Germany proper, and you will have a huge stack to use against Russia. If this stack gets defeated, you will have another stack because of the second round of building inf and the third round of building tanks. The stack of inf built on the second round can start marching right away because the tanks from the third round will catch up. This is usually a big enough stack to defeat Russia before the allies can get there.

  • for one, give the allies the sea? you do realize that this long march to moscow will leave openings for counter attack via sea landings. to me if the u.s. and u.k can not land troops; they are little or no threat. after this takes place u.s.s.r. is ready for a focused land attack. 😉

  • Ahh, but if Germany takes out all of the British fleet with subs and planes, it will take both US and UK 3 rounds to get a sizable invasion force ready, and 1 round to land on the mainland. By that time, Germany will have enough of a force of inf (and planes) to counterattack, giving more time for that second stack to take Moscow. As Germany, I use the initial 12 IPC’s to put a destroyer in the Denmark sea, to help take out the UK fleet. UK usually doesn’t build any naval units on their first turn because there are still German subs lying around.

  • I like the strategy, but I think if the Allies only buy planes and send them over to russia to help, it might change things up a bit~

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