• Which type of sport do you like best in a video game?

  • sports games are pointless. they are merely endless clones of themselves. there are never any new ones. they are also ill suited for being a game. except for “extreme sports” like snowboarding, rollerblading, and skateboarding, sports dont belong in videogames. anything other than these, get off your ass and go outside and play it for real. it nowhere near compares to the real thing, and except “extreme sports” the format makes it ridiculously tedious

  • I disagree Janus (well, i agree that we spend too much time on the 'puter, but i go out biking etc. when i can regardless).
    Smashmouth football was a lot of fun. In fact, i think that football is the best game for video game playing.

    1. strategy. Football has considerable strategy involved. You use the plays best for your team, and that exploits weaknesses in the other team. You call the audible depending on how the defence is lined up. If on defence, then you base your strat on what the offense has done/can do, watch for the line formation, and go from there.
    2. action. Your QB has to scramble to evade the opposing tacklers, your receivers have to break free of their defenders and get under the ball, etc.

    there are other aspects to football that could be well adopted to video game format.

  • Thank you cc, you actually answered the question and I agree with you. Unlike Janus1 who I think just wanted to talk, you gave an answer that stayed on topic.

  • ill admit, i have played sports games that were fun, but they were ones that strayed from realism…NFL Blitz and NBA Jam being among them. the realistic games simply arent fun.

  • The thing I don’t like about sports games is the controlling seems to get more and more complex as new games show up. Maybe I just getting to old and lazy to learn them. But I miss the older sports games like Nintendo Baseball, Techmo Bowl 😄 , and Excite Bike 😄 😄 😄 .

  • The “arcade” style sport games are usually more fun, but those who really like the game should get games such as Madden.

  • no, those who really like the game should go out and play. imo, the general point of video games is to do something you cant do in real life, and to be kick-ass fun 😎 . sports games imo, do not fulfill either, with the exception of “extreme sports” games, and arcade style sports games. otherwise, i would much rather just go out and play the real thing

  • Well actually I have had a turn in playing each of the sports listed, maybe not to the extreme but indeed have played them and they are fun! 😄

  • 2007 AAR League

    I love to play sports and sports video games. What myself and some of my friends do sometimes is go out and play basketball and then come in when we are all worn out and start a tournament on MVP Baseball or something. So, we sorta compromise to what you guys are talking about :D.

  • Just to refute Janus’ constant admonishment to “just go out and play the games” . . .
    Studies have shown that surgeons who play video games perform better in surgery with fewer mistakes, and are also faster (an important skill when dealing with a patient under anaesthesia). This is best noted in laparoscopic proceedures where a remote camera is needed.
    Sadly i do not know which games were used in the studies . . . 😞

  • im not saying dont play video games…i love video games, they kick ass. i want people to play more videogames. even sports games if they must. im simply saying, id much rather play the actual sport over a sports game.

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    Yeah… Besides why play Sports when you can turn a couple Italian or German Squads upside down… or flatten some trees on an Island in the S Pacific!


  • YOU DON’T HAVE HOCKEY!!! :evil:

    Playing sports (physically, not as a video game) is best, yes, but there are times when video games are fun. It should still be so that you go outside and play a lot more than just staring at a screen …

    I like hockey, soccer and football games. I would like my rugby game but it doesn’t work. F1 is kinda fun too. I’d like football more if there was a CFL version 😉 But then again, I’m not really big into the video games …

  • @Vann:

    Which type of sport do you like best in a video game?


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    Just brushing the dust off  😄

    Football and Soccer.

    It´s, it’s , it’s alive….shriver

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