• can land troop move across the canal from africa to asia?

  • Yes but you must own both AES & Persia to do so.

  • Zhukov_2003 is correct … also, in order to move ships/naval vessels through the canl (i.e. from E. Med SZ to Red SZ), you must also control both sides of the canal.

  • I think he’s asking if an inf/arm can walk from egypt to syria. In that case, yes.

  • thank you, i did mean the inf thing, tryin to decide whether usf base was worth it

  • A S. Africa IC can be worth it … but, mainly in games where the US is trying to take out the Japan navy first. Thus, leaving UK to establish the shuck-shuck by it’s self. But, it’s still dependent on how many troops Germany put into Africa on G1 and whether or not Germany still has means to get troops to Africa (i.e. transports).

    I’ve only done it once (personally) and it worked great!

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    Yes but you must own both AES & Persia to do so.

    you mean Syria-Iraq, not Persia…

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