Just a simple question: how do i win?

  • sorry in advance about the silly question, but

    can s.o. confirm that germany needs to take two capitals to win the game, whereas the allies have to kill all germans off?

    also, can the germans achieve an economic victory like in a&a1?

    thanks, laters :)

  • Germany only needs to take ONE allied capital. The allies need to take Berlin.

  • hmm it would be more interesting if there were an economic victory, but the game has some serious “flaws” that could be fixed. There is only one real strategy for Germany in it’s current state.

  • Germany only have to take one capital ( though sometimes I take the other 2 also depending on my mood,… and luck) :)

  • it would be fun to play with a rule where Germany has to take 2 capitals to win. Of course this would require extra units for Germany (not allies) in order to balance the game. The middle east oil would be mandatory as would be all of russia. Once Germany starts cashing out at 65 (and moscow has fallen) then they would probably be able to win eventually.

    I’d love to play a game like this with bid for axis or would allies still need a little more to make it even?

  • First off,Germany needs to take just one capital to win the game(Moscow,Great Britain,or the U.S.).I personally try to take all three capitals if I have the time or luck.This is a very difficult task to say the least.

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