• How about a rule making a rule so that so that every round beginning (starting withr2) one free ssianking American Inf. is placed there to simulate the americans recruiting the Chinese Army…

    I think this has been mentioned but I want to see what people think

  • I think this a good idea … but, the US should have to pay for the infantry unit … thus, further representing the US’s lend-lease support of China. Perhaps let them purchase 1 unit for each of the 2 Chinese territories (if they are still under Allied control). By US 2 (more than likely), at least China will be taken by the JAPs (if not both China and Sinkiang). So, this really wouldn’t effect the game to much … just make Japan concentrate on the US Asian-territories early in the game and perhaps take a littl bit of pressure off of RUS or UK in India.

  • Works for me. Usually, Japan overruns China rather quickly (by T2 mainly), so I’m not sure if the 1 inf per turn should be paid for or not…

    Still a great concept though. 🙂

  • cost 1 IPC per…?

  • you don’t know what “inf” stands for? :-?

  • yes I do!!! Infantry …But please explain your response…

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