• All the sea zones on my board are numbered because we used to play hidden subs. The player had to write down the zone number where the subs submerged. Anyone could check it when they did just to keep it fair. After that, the player would put their subs in the logo near the bottom of the board and write town where the subs moved every turn so it was verifiable by other players.

    It does require some honesty, but it really keeps you on your toes not knowing where your opponent’s subs may be at any time in the game. Always a little surprise when a pack of submarines surface and attack you unexpectedly.

    Anyone else do something similar?

  • i’ve never done or heard anything like that before, but it could add an interesting new twist on the game.

    but wouldn’t the other players know where the subs are if the player had to write down where the sub was on his turn?

  • you wouldnt reveal this written down number until you attacked or surfaced the sub. I think that’s a cool idea, but did you write on the board? I wouldnt want to get pen all over the board. I’d be very upset. I might try that idea later!

  • yeah, having marker all over my board would not be fun. i like keeping my board clean

  • I would thin the Sub would need to surface for Air right? so have it be able to move 2 turns underwater and if it doesn’t attack anything, it MUST surface.

    Also, I think he ment on a peice of paper…I would never giht on my board.

  • yeah, it does make sense to require the sub to surface for air. they should be able to spend only 1 turn underwater but then they have to resurface or something.

  • Hey guest, if you have a constructive critique then let’s hear it. I feel it does make sense to limit the number of turns a sub could stay submerged. SB, Isuggest you ignore guest.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Hi guest 2, I deleted the post. If you want to delete yours too, that woudl be cool.

  • Some would not mind marking up a board.

    I do not agree with the mandatory surfacing part of this variation. Some subs remained virtually undetected on their voyages in the war. But the best way to win is to use them (make them appear.)KILL! 😉

    For #s on the szs (sea zones), he/you could use

    1. labels that can be purchased at any office supply store, or
    2. a clear plastic sheet with the #s written on it and board corner marks (on the plastic) to know where to situate the sheet over the board, or
    3. a masterlist of sea sones.

    I’ve used, and currently have some on my board, Avery brand 1/4" round color coding labels which come in a roll. They are very small and can be ignored if you want to play a regular game between trial runs. 🙂

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