• y friend and I have been playing our first A&A game. Here’s my situation. I’m Axis(this is gonna exclude America). I just took Karalia w/ 3 inf and 3 tnks in it. Im now confused on what to do. My friend has 4 inf and 1 bomber in russia! I can attack w/ 4 tanks and 3 inf. Should i?
    Last is England. He literally has 4 Units. 2 inf and 2 bombers. Whats the best method of taking him out on both fronts?

  • '19 Moderator


    With the situation you are discribing it sounds like you realy don’t need help. 😉

  • you’ll take russia if you attack it.

  • Thnks 4 the help but how do i take on england?

  • England can wait. When you take Russia you get it’s coin. That should give you whatever you need for England. Plus you’ll prolly win the game with an ipc victory (unless UK is about to march on Germany).

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