• The first one is to make the game more fair for the axis and more historically accurate, the second is almost just for history

    STALINIST PARANOIA : No allied units can go or fly over an USSR
    territory unless the USSR player is removed
    from the game

    BOLSHEVIZATION : Any USA or UK territory leberated by the USSR is
    considered a soviet one. The only way for such to get
    back to the original owner is to be taken and then
    retaken by UK or US

    Sound fine to you ?

  • I kinda like the BOLSHEVIZATION idea, but I think without allied help russia falls too easily, it might be good for a strong allied player against a weak axis player.


  • as we always plays with those rules, the trick is to ALWAYS keep the preassures on the western front with UK, and go for spain or SE with a large US contingent. The german player is so occuppied at whipping off the boats so USSR can stackle and the stalemate is keeping. Until there’s enough infantry to begin building SSR tanks and then…boum !!! USSR is marching on Berlin. That’s what happens 1/2 when we play.

    The real things is now the allies are really even with the axis : a little error can cost the entire game, so think about what you will do and never, ever count on some lucky dice rolls…

  • It might be a good idea, but you definitely need a pronunciation guide for bolshevickizationism…
    …or whatever it is…

    the stalinwhatchacallit thing would make it awfully hard for the allies to win against a decent german, and in A&AE it would eliminate the need for the soviet patriotic movement.

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