My Current Suitation in a Euro game (Germany)

  • well I’m playing as Germany right now and the dice havent been good to me at all.

    I started off pushing back the Russian front, but i lost badly to East Poland.

    After that fiasco, I managed to take Ukraine SSR and hold it.

    I’ve done decently in Africa / Middle east, only one allied armor remains.

    Anyway, I’ve been concentrating on the land war with Russia a bit more than i should have, and I’ve neglected my northern Atlantic fleet quite a bit. The British plopped down a bunch of destroyers and bombarded France with 3 destroyers and a Battleship (all hits) and invaded France with 2 armors, an inf and an art and beat 7 inf without taking a loss.

    So now i have Germany with 8 inf, 2 art, 1 fig, and a bomber. The southern areas of my empire are basicaly defenseless.

    In Russia, i own Ukraine SSR, and i have 7 artillery, 4 infantry, 2 fighters, and 3 armors (Russia had a failed attack that took down some infantry). On Caucusus (spelling?) i have 11 armors. In Eastern Poland I now have 2 tanks, 7 infantry, and 3 artillery. Regular Poland has 8 infantry, which i am pondering drawing back to Germany to defend.

    I have 3 subs in the Atlantic, 2 of which will probably be sunk before next turn. I have a sub / destroyer in the Straight of Gibralter, which is probably also going to fall.

    I have a battleship and a transport on the Sea square near Egpyt / Palestine (East Medd i think).

    Russia has about 11 infantry, 2 arty, and 2 fighters in Moscow. They left Stalingrad empty, and have a decent sized army in Lenningrad. Ther territory West of Stalingrad (again i forget the name) has a small army i could crush, but it opens up Lenningrad.

    I’ve been thinking I’d ram up the West of russia just for some IPCs.

    So now I’m in trouble. England has 4 units in France and 4 bombarding ships. I need to take out the British navy but it’s large and getting larger each turn. The American player is low on naval units but could easily pump out more.

    How do i come back? I could easily flush them out of France, but their naval units get free shots with bombard. They can take 1 infantry, invade with it, get free bombard shots, and let the infantry die. It’s sacrifing 1 infantry for of mine. I think I’m up to 43 or 42 IPCs per turn, maybe less since i lost France. I NEED to bring the british navy to it’s knees very soon. The battleship in the Medd would take 3 or 4 turns to get there, and it might not last that long. Fighters may work (i could buy 3 then 4) but it’s risky and they could build more units real fast.

    We’re continuing the game tomorrow so I need a strategy by then. Any help would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

  • it would be alot easier if u whould have attached a pitcure so we can see the board have view all of the the units and their placements. from what i hear your best bet would be to try and wipe out the russians and build alot of troop to counter the well expected landing of alot more troops and planes in france.

  • sorry, it’s on the board game and it’s at my friends house 😞

    my biggest fear is that i don’t have enough troops to get to Moscow and win. And if that fails, I’ll have to defend Germany and the Ukraine SSR.

  • im no pro but wut i would do is build tonnes of soldiers and tanks, build them all in Germany. Leave the soldiers in Germany and supply the tanks to the Russian front. move one soldier into Stalingrad so you gain the money and the factory and the AA gun. then attack belorussia (its west of Stalingrad), and take that over. now move the soldiers in Poland into the Baltic States, now if he attacks you should be able to counter attack.

  • Just make a run for Moscow.
    If you get it, its over.
    Drive all the forces you can into Moscow and block any Russain counter attack by leaving pockets of infantry in you wake.

  • That’s how you win. But if you can’t, you’ll at least go down in a blaze of glory.

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