Karelian Complex… dumb question

  • Hi everybody or should I say
    " Guten Tag " to teach a bit german habits ;).
    I came to the forum almost everyday, but I was overwhelmed by a discussion about assassinations so that I couldn’t partake. Moreover, I’m very astonished about the evolution a topic called “Karelian complex” can have 😮 .
    Finally I go right in the middle of talking about german customs.
    I think you mean " Zum Wohlsein", it’s almost the same when anglosaxon people take glasses and say “cheers”.
    We intend with “Wohlsein” that the sneezer has to recover from his sneeze, the same like cheers? I don’t know…. 😢
    Now I have a question for you. What the hell is the meaning of " You’re welcome…" Everytime I enterd and left a shop or asked someone something he replied those two words - actually three. Does it mean that I’m welcome to him to talk about my diseases, pain and all other problems. 😉
    In Germany we aren’t that encouraged and that friendly towards eachother, it is more a sober way of living together. Germans use those nice phrases more economically, for example if a German says “You’re welcome, Sie sind willkommen”, he means this exactly in regard of all the consequences that the addresse can make use of.

    So far so good and have a great time 😄


  • A quick note. . . Howard Hughes was the man responsible for the design of the Zero. It is an intersting story. Air cooled engine instead of liquid cooled allowed for better fighting and diving.

  • “Not just in A&A, but in life in general. Compare the amount of coverage the Pacific gets compared to the Europe in terms of movies, media coverage, games, text, and the like. Interesting considering the war in the Pacific was much more intense.”

    -TG Moses VI

    Ah true. But you are thinking of it in the broad spectrum of the war in general. There are tons of movies out there about both theaters of war. The thing is, most movies about Europe cover the war there in general (not necessarily the entire war, but large chunks of it covering many battles). Movies about the Pacific usually focus on one or two, maybe three specific battles. Therefore, because Europe is given a wider span of battles, it always seems like the Pacific is left out, when in truth movies about the Pacific are a lot more specific to a certain battle or two.

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