• Any other ideas other than this?

    turn 0 - use 8 ipcs to buy a transport and but with other transport in mediteranian.

    turn 1 - buy 2 bombers and another transport. load up transports in mediteranian with 2 troops 2 artilery. move full fleet to the gilbrata stright take out gb destroyer. uplace 1 troop on gilbratar straight. use subs in atlantic to take out all british fleet. load up that transport with 1 artilery 1 troop. move it with the largest remainer of german subs. place bomber in northern italy with rest of fighters. leave everthing alone in africa. move most troops in europe to defend from russia. if gb has no transports left leave troops along northern coast alone but be sure to leave troops to defend the mediteranian anywhere the british transport can land troops. place new bombers in north italy transport in tyriana sea.

    turn 2 - buy 3 fighters save rest. now move subs to intercept all things being shiped for g.b. and or russia. reload troop in gibratar onto transport and move them into the azores sea. have other transport meet it there. use fighters and bombers in northen italy to destroy the british boats. if bombers can reach gibratar afterwards just use fighters. if u can move them there too. if so put them there to "claim the are to defend from amerikan reinforcements. place new fighters in northern italy.

    turn 3 - just buy troops to reinforce the eastern front with as much mone possible. move all fleet to the us coast use subs to take the hits along with bb ship. don’t use transports destoyers or use the bb ships last hit. use bb ships and destroyers to bombard us coast. use the bombers in gilbratar too. land the troops and artilery.

    if anyone has any ideas on how to improve leave a message

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